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Puffer / quilted long coat

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MindfulBear Wed 04-Jan-17 23:53:42

I had a lovely karrimor puffer coat last winter. Like a duvet but didn't make me look like Michelin man. Sadly badly made so not lasted from last season to this.

Where can I get a smart replacement? Preferably online as I hate shopping!!!!

bingohandjob Thu 05-Jan-17 07:29:40

The North Face Metropolis parka which is super warm and great quality but is £££
I've also got the Uniqlo stretch parka which is lovely too - warm, lightweight reasonable £ and a tenner off at the moment

FashionFiend Thu 05-Jan-17 11:22:57

I bought the Aigle Cuckmerry coat recently and am really happy with it. It's warm and has a belt which gives a nice cinched in waist. It's expensive but worth the money.

FashionFiend Thu 05-Jan-17 11:24:02

Bought the aigle coat on the countryattire website. Their customer service was very good and the delivery was quick.

MiniMaxi Thu 05-Jan-17 11:29:13

Berghaus have some nice long and mid length ladies down coats

I've got one similar to the Brantome - worn it every day for the past two winters and its in good nick

sammy891 Sat 07-Jan-17 14:27:34

Zara have some lovely ones

FrustratedFrugal Sat 07-Jan-17 14:31:53

I bought the long down coat mentiined above from Uniqlo last year and it has been fantastic. Mine is a plummy burgundy. Currently on sale!

LockedOutOfMN Sat 07-Jan-17 19:21:06

These are de rigeur in many parts of Spain so Zara and Mango, particularly Zara, are your friends.

Or, if you can come across to Spain to shop, there's a much wider range in the shops here than in the U.K.

I've got a Moncler which I recommend highly, it's so comfortable (never sweaty), so warm yet lightweight, and it's lasted a long time so I'm getting my money's worth.

MindfulBear Sat 07-Jan-17 19:39:48

Thanks ladies. The Zara website is very uninspiring. I'm sure my sil got one at Zara but as I'm shopping online it looks like I'm out of luck!

MindfulBear Sat 07-Jan-17 19:43:50

Thx bingo how warm is the uniqlo coat? Is it warm enough for the recent minus 6 temperatures hitting the uk?

BikeRunSki Sat 07-Jan-17 19:44:43

Cotswold Outdoors have a flash sale on Columbia (US outdoorsy brand)!thus week end. There are a couple of long down coats which could be contenders, at good prices.

FrustratedFrugal Sat 07-Jan-17 20:13:17

I have this one from Uniqlo (the warmer, fake fur trimmed version) and it was fine in -20C yesterday - I'm in snowy Scandinavia. But I have also worn it in on 0...5C weather and during light rain. Not too hot. Great buy.

Mawsymoo Sat 07-Jan-17 20:34:16

I have this one from Zara

It's like wearing a duvet - it makes the cold mornings so much easier! I've talked about it so much that one of my friends and 2 of my colleagues have bought it blush!

zgaze Sat 07-Jan-17 20:38:01

I'm outside through the whole school year for about four hours a day - I've got a knee length Marmot coat which is amazing. Recommend looking at the outdoor brands rather than high st fashion ones, there's some quite stylish ones!

LockedOutOfMN Sun 08-Jan-17 00:26:34

One of these or these from Mango?

bingohandjob Sun 08-Jan-17 14:35:36

If you want really warm, the North Face one is the business. The uniqlo is good but personally I'd probably wear my other uniqlo lightweight down under it if it was -6!

fuzzywuzzy Sun 08-Jan-17 14:39:55

This Barbour coat is really warm and fits quite slim.

We got it as a gift for mil and she said it was warmer than her uniqlo one she'd bought.

bojorojo Sun 08-Jan-17 14:57:22

Moncler if you are seriously minted! If not, Barbour, Aigle, Jaeger, Mountain Equipment, Berghaus, North Face, Canada Goose etc

MindfulBear Tue 10-Jan-17 09:18:56

Yay!!! Maws that is the one from Zara my sil has and I was looking for!!

Thank you smile

MindfulBear Tue 10-Jan-17 09:19:11

Now the question is.... black or navy?!

slalomsuki Tue 10-Jan-17 09:26:57

There are some nice ones on the Lands End website at the moment and depending on the day of the week they are reduced. I've just bought a lightweight down coat from them that's great, warm, waterproof and can be stuffed in to a large pocket if I need to carry it. I use it at sporting events if it's cold and alternate with the Squall Coat I bought from them a few years back which is very waterproof.

sammy891 Sat 14-Jan-17 23:11:19

There is this bennetton one on sale at the moment.

MindfulBear Sun 15-Jan-17 23:16:19

I got the Zara one in navy. Love it smile
So dark it might as well be black so is perfect for me.

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