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Calling all fellow bootaholics......HELP

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sputnik Wed 21-Feb-07 12:44:33

So, I had a landmark birthday a few weeks ago and had my DH and my folks nicely lined up to spend serious £££s for some boots from Duoboots, these and these

We've now belatedly discovered they're both out of stock, so I'm looking for alternatives.

Have to be: online, good quality, low heel, black or chocolate brown, simple style - no buckles, bows etc. Oh, and no pointy toes.

Please help me fellow bootaholics, I'm 5 months pregnant, hormonal, and all my style impulses have sublimated to my feet

sputnik Thu 22-Feb-07 13:13:42

So you're all in denial then?

CMJ Fri 23-Feb-07 14:00:10

Hi Sputnik, I too am lookin for choc brown suede boots (medium heel, nothing too fancy) and after having been around usual high st shops and on-line, have come to the conculsion this is not the right time of year to buy boots......better to wait until the autumn I think.

I saw these:

I like Jones boots and they fit well so I am holding off for a few months.

sputnik Fri 23-Feb-07 16:20:46

You're right, but by autumn they'll have forgotten I ever had a birthday

brimfull Fri 23-Feb-07 18:10:23

how about these

sputnik Mon 26-Feb-07 13:06:57

Thanks Ggirl, they're nice, but not really £115 worth nice, IYSWIM. I'm a fussy cow, thanks for trying anyway

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