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Argh can I rescue my top?

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5000candlesinthewind Wed 04-Jan-17 11:05:24

I must have leaned on something bleachy, I'm so annoyed with myself.
Do you think I could put a dye on top? The top of the top is embroidered so not sure how I'd do it. Help!

5000candlesinthewind Wed 04-Jan-17 11:06:16

A photo might help

KitKats28 Wed 04-Jan-17 11:07:09

Depends what colour the top is and what it's made of. I've had luck in covering bleach stains with a Sharpie marker in the appropriate colour. Generally dye doesn't take very well over bleach.

imjessie Wed 04-Jan-17 12:52:57

Best to fill in with a sharpie to be honest . The dye is unlikely to take over the bleach .

BusterGonad Wed 04-Jan-17 12:53:12

I'd agree about the marker pen or a biro. This is the reason I don't use bleach!

5000candlesinthewind Wed 04-Jan-17 14:24:02

I'll give it a try but I think it's a lost cause tbh. Thanks for the advice

QueenMortifauxcado Wed 04-Jan-17 14:31:01

As an alternative, bleach stencilling might give it a second life?

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