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SW Highlands

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pico1 Wed 04-Jan-17 10:59:12

Have been lucky enough to score a pair of these at a GINORMOUS discount and love them but am struggling with how to wear them. Would like to be able to wear them during the day as well as evening/going out. Have good legs but am 41 so can't really pull off the teeny skirt and bare thigh look! Any ideas?

RoganJosh Wed 04-Jan-17 11:06:54

I got really confused, thinking you meant the south west of the highlands in Scotland. smile

No idea on the boots, sorry!

Softkitty2 Wed 04-Jan-17 14:01:43

Ooohhh love love them.. Well how about jumper dresses? Jersey wrap dresses similar to diane von furstenburg.. Even if thigh skin doesnt show it still looks great.

Softkitty2 Wed 04-Jan-17 14:04:12

Btw where did you bag them from? Im looking at the sw highland in stretched leather but i think its too popular to ever go on sale.
Also over tights, jeans and leggings it all looks good.. Go to pinterest for outfit ideas.

Blingygolightly Wed 04-Jan-17 14:14:39

Many congrats! They were my favourite by of a/w 16.

Pinterest is your friend!!

I wear mine with just above knee length dresses. In the autumn was bare legged, in the winter I wore tights. I am older than you.grin

Another mumsnetter friend has them, and she wears them with jeans (and I have seen lots of Pinterest pics with people styling this way with skinny jeans and chunky or oversized knits).

pico1 Wed 04-Jan-17 16:17:31

Thanks so much ladies! Soft kitty I'm in Ireland and found them while idly browsing my local boutique so probably not much use to you. They are fab though - I keep putting them on just to admire them! I'll go with the above knee or slouchy knit look. Thanks again!

pico1 Wed 04-Jan-17 16:35:25

Aah! Pinterest was a bad idea - I now want the Lowlands as well!

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