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Help me find this gel polish....

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IpDipCatnip Tue 03-Jan-17 23:42:46


Would like some help finding this colour gel polish. I am going away shortly and I fancy this pink (but not quite hot) neon type hue....

Thanks all!

Sal1977 Tue 03-Jan-17 23:52:57

Try Gelish. They have a couple of neon pinks. Sorry but I can't remember the names!

Fabellini Tue 03-Jan-17 23:59:19

Bio Sculpture pinks collection.

Ohb0llocks Wed 04-Jan-17 08:53:25

If you're buying pro brands from eBay please be careful as there are a lot of dangerous fakes knocking about.

How soon do you need it? Madam glam is an American company but the quality of their gels is good. Other than that bluesky have quite a good collection of colours.

Ohb0llocks Wed 04-Jan-17 08:54:43

Type bluesky neon pink in eBay

IpDipCatnip Wed 04-Jan-17 09:52:52

Thanks everyone, I have until the end of February to find it otherwise I will revert to my good old faithful of Tropix by CND. Just would really like to find this shade.

I have several Blueskys but the neon pink is too hot, the colour I'm after is more of a sugar neon pink!

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 04-Jan-17 18:51:47

CND have launched a new shellac collection with a hot pink.

IpDipCatnip Wed 04-Jan-17 19:04:23

Thanks, will keep searching!

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 04-Jan-17 19:18:23

Try gellux & gell II

New CND pink

IpDipCatnip Wed 04-Jan-17 20:28:47

Thanks fluffy just a little too hot! I suppose I'm after a neon bubblegum colour? Getting hard to describe 😳

IpDipCatnip Wed 04-Jan-17 20:29:12

I shall look at your suggestions!

nibblingfingernails Wed 04-Jan-17 20:34:48

OPI do really lovely colours - my favourite is pompeii purple (Its actually pink) but if you look they have lots of different pinks. Normally lasts for around 2 weeks! Well worth it.

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