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Anyone help me re skin care ?

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DoubleGin Tue 03-Jan-17 07:34:57

I've never really done anything with my skin (baby wipes and make up, I know blush) but I'm starting to notice changes in it and probably need to start looking after it.
Could anyone point me in the right direction of what I should be doing and using ?

DoubleGin Tue 03-Jan-17 08:29:40

Anyone ?

LegoCaltrops Tue 03-Jan-17 08:31:07

There's a fab thread, hang on...

LegoCaltrops Tue 03-Jan-17 08:35:07

Here it is. My previously somewhat spotty, patchy, irritated face has calmed down & smoothed out wonderfully since changing my routine as per recommendations from this thread & its predecessors.

qazxc Tue 03-Jan-17 08:35:09

Nothing to add really, I'm in the same position as you and rather bewildered by all the stuff out there.
I have started with cleansing with a foaming wash cleanser and moisturizer morning and evening, they are the only type that I feel actually clean everything. And exfoliate twice a week.

SweetPeaPods Tue 03-Jan-17 09:11:13

Lego thanks for pointing out that thread I'll have a read also.
Really need to make some changes my skin is dreadful ATM.

wheelwithinawheel Tue 03-Jan-17 09:38:11

I was exactly the same until a couple of weeks ago! Never took off make up at night blushjust washed face and moisturised with Nivea. I had a look at some skincare threads and have started using simple face wash day and night, nip and fab glycolic cleansing pads and I've been using bio oil as a moisturiser at night. coupled with drinking more water, a weekly home-made mask with milk and honey my skin is looking better than it ever has! I'm amazed! Also have invested in better foundation.

qazxc Tue 03-Jan-17 12:28:15

I've invested in some skincare in the sales.
Nip and fab glycolic cleanser, that I use daily
Clarins multi active moisturizer
Nip and fab glycolic night time pads ( 2-3times a week)
Nip and fab scrub ( couple of times a week)
Nivea or clarins night cream.
I can feel a difference in the feel of my skin, and think it looks less congested. Hoping I will work on my large pores.

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