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Would you complain or suck it up?

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justpoppy Mon 02-Jan-17 23:43:17

I bought a top from mint velvet before Xmas. I think it was described as an ombré sequin tshirt but I can't find it now on the website. It was a grey tshirt fabric with a sequin front. I think it was about £59. Anyway I wore it for my work Xmas party, Christmas Day and New Year's Eve (only for a few hours each time, and hung up/aired in between rather than washing, as I wasn't mad keen on the idea of washing it myself and was planning to have it professially dry cleaned after NYE). Have now noticed that the fabric around the arms has gone very bobbly but I'm not sure whether this is to be expected because of the sequins moving against the fabric or whether it's a fault with he garment. While £59 isn't massively expensive it's more than I would usually spend on one top so I expected it to last a lot longer than it has. Does anyone have any experience of mint velvet's customer service? Are they likely to be sympathetic if I email them?

Newbrummie Mon 02-Jan-17 23:51:27

I buy stuff like that from the John Lewis con session where ever possible, they will take anything back, but worth a try if you bought it directly.

justpoppy Tue 03-Jan-17 07:13:33

I usually do too but I found a discount code on here so used that. I'll email them this morning - worth a try.

mowglik Tue 03-Jan-17 09:56:11

I returned a jumper that had bobbled badly after one wear, I emailed them and they emailed back asking for pictures. They refunded me after that, I think I sent the item back too.

PidgeyfinderGeneral Tue 03-Jan-17 10:23:30

I've had to deal with them a couple of times over refunds/ returns and have found them very helpful. Definitely worth a try.

justpoppy Tue 03-Jan-17 10:38:33

Thank you. I've emailed them. It's a shame because it's a lovely top. I was so careful not to catch any of the sequins too!

cellardoors Tue 03-Jan-17 11:22:42

I've bought a couple of things from Mint Velvet but have unfortunately found them quite bad quality. I bought a handbag from there, and the buckle on the strap collapsed after about 3 weeks and the strap was unusable. I returned it and they exchanged it for me on the spot. The bag I got in exchange was a different style and it frayed around the edges (even though leather). I didn't return that but have stopped buying things from there as they're just not great quality.

justpoppy Tue 03-Jan-17 11:42:06

I shall certainly think twice about ordering again.

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