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Which shoes

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JaceLancs Mon 02-Jan-17 23:01:43

I'm looking for some flat black pumps for work
I have narrow feet and need them to come in half sizes - only have small feet and prefer pointed or at least oval shaped toes
I Like Dune or Peter Kaiser but can't find anything suitable at the moment, max budget £50
Have bought these and these from Clarks but just not sure

BusterGonad Tue 03-Jan-17 05:41:58

I've got to be honest I don't like either, but out of the two the first pair are the nicest, are a bit more interesting.

JaceLancs Tue 03-Jan-17 18:57:00

I know what you mean - I've had much nicer pairs before perhaps I'll just carry on looking

Bluntness100 Tue 03-Jan-17 19:01:35

I also don't like either , I'm sorry, but I'd say the second pair are marginally better. What do you do? As these are definitely all about being functional rather than stylish.

JaceLancs Tue 03-Jan-17 20:28:07

I work for a charity
My working day involves a mixture of desk work, supporting clients out in the community and meeting other professionals in a variety of settings
Some days I walk quite s lot
In winter I have a wide variety of ankle boots and knee length boots including biker style - so am always comfortable foot wise
In spring I tend to wear flat shoes with either skinnies or dresses with opaque tights
I find anything over an inch heel wise too uncomfortable to wear all day at work

LockedOutOfMN Tue 03-Jan-17 20:45:46

OP, can you stick with boots (as you say you find these comfortable) further into the spring, rather than buying pump-type shoes? That way you may be better able to have footwear that's both stylish and functional. If you're in U.K. I don't think boots will be too hot until at least May?

BusterGonad Wed 04-Jan-17 03:40:37

What about brogues? They suit trousers and dresses.

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