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do you like these 2 dresses?

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nappyaddict Wed 21-Feb-07 01:09:04

black dress

printed dress

ScottishThistle Wed 21-Feb-07 01:10:32

I like the printed dress, the black one reminds me of a ra-ra skirt I wore as a child!

shonaspurtle Wed 21-Feb-07 01:10:57

Printed dress would look good on a thin person but I don't like the black dress.

NurseyJo Wed 21-Feb-07 01:11:20

Message withdrawn

ScottishThistle Wed 21-Feb-07 01:12:17

Oh you would disagree with me NurseyJo!

nappyaddict Wed 21-Feb-07 01:15:25

look on my profile to see if you think they would suit me.

ScottishThistle Wed 21-Feb-07 01:17:22

You look like a print girl to me!

macneil Wed 21-Feb-07 01:22:37

Eff me, you are absolutely stunning. You'll look gorgeous in both. I like the black better, though, it's Pepsi & Shirley 80s, yes, but also very Shirley Maclaine in Sweet Charity.

nappyaddict Wed 21-Feb-07 01:26:22

trust me, i'm not - i just delete all the ugly photos as soon as i get my hands on them!

quite tempted to get both ... don't know if i can justify it though - got way too many clothes as it is.

nappyaddict Wed 21-Feb-07 01:33:59

also what about orange dress

can also get it in black. do we think the orange is a bit much?

ScottishThistle Wed 21-Feb-07 01:43:06

Love the orange, think it'd be fab with your colouring!

nappyaddict Wed 21-Feb-07 01:48:47

also teal one

ScottishThistle Wed 21-Feb-07 01:52:00

That one's very nice too, I suppose it depends whether you have all the accessories to go with them which can be the expensive part!

nappyaddict Wed 21-Feb-07 01:59:14

have got stuff to go with teal and black, but not the orange one really. depends how orange it is. if its more reddy i have got red things that might go.

mamama Wed 21-Feb-07 02:07:41

What is the occasion? I like the teal one and the print one, but if a v formal thing, then the black one. I don't like orange because it looks awful on me but might be ok on you...

(not at all helpful, am I? )

nappyaddict Wed 21-Feb-07 02:27:28

ha ha was just about to point you in the direction of this thread. not for a particular occasion, just a night out on the razzle. getting a bit bored of my collection so thought i should get some new ones. oh and there's a certain someone i want to impress ...

mamama Wed 21-Feb-07 02:32:00

In that case, the print or teal one!

mamama Wed 21-Feb-07 02:35:05

The teal one would be a bit more revealing...

pinkbubbles Wed 21-Feb-07 02:41:40

hummm but would it be better to leave more to the imagination?

mamama Wed 21-Feb-07 02:42:55

Suppose it depends how subtle you want to be!

nappyaddict Wed 21-Feb-07 02:48:17

teal it is then! i want to make it blatant ha ha. duno why i am bothering. he's a man. he probably won't even notice! all he will care about is whether it ends up in a heap on his bedroom floor

mamama Wed 21-Feb-07 02:49:58


Am sure it won't go unnoticed...

nappyaddict Wed 21-Feb-07 03:08:50

i'll let you know ...

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