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Newly diagnosed with Roseacea, help with skin care & make up please?

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Candlelight123 Mon 02-Jan-17 20:24:14

My skin is a mess, spots, red bumps, red patches & dry skin. The treatment I've got is metro gel (not particularly effective) and elidel which I don't want to take because of serious side effects which were not explained to me. My question is, what have others found to be effective and kind as a cleanser, moisturiser, concealer & foundation please? I don't have a big budget, thank you.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Mon 02-Jan-17 20:26:19

Lily Lolo foundation is fantastic. I like Max factor miracle illusion too applied with a Real Techniques stipple brush.

Candlelight123 Mon 02-Jan-17 21:20:57

Is lily lolo only available on line do you know please?

PutAPlasterOn Mon 02-Jan-17 22:37:04

Hi, I too have rosacea. I was given azeliac cream which is marvellous. I use it every night on its own (plus eye cream) after washing my face.

I now just use cetaphil gentle cleanser to wash face. If I'm washing makeup off I use miscellar water first then wash.

After washing face of a morning I use Avene anti redness moisturiser. I'm currently using a Bobbi brown eye cream too.

Make up wise I use Estée Lauder double wear light, Bobbi brown corrector and concealer, Bobbi brown powder.

PutAPlasterOn Mon 02-Jan-17 22:38:22

The azeliac cream is prescribed by GP. I was also prescribed antibiotics but didint need them as the azeliac cream works very well on its own.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Mon 02-Jan-17 23:21:11

Yes it is but they do testers so you can get before committingsmile

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Mon 02-Jan-17 23:21:30

**try not get

coughsandsneezes Mon 02-Jan-17 23:25:02

Another vote for cetaphil cleanser and avene anti redness moisturiser (I use the version for dry/very dry skin). If I use anything else my skin flares up.
I rarely wear makeup as it aggravates my skin so placemarking for suggestions...

Jmangel Tue 03-Jan-17 04:40:29

Soolantra has cleared my rosacea completely - get it from your GP.

threads123 Tue 03-Jan-17 04:57:06

I think I've tried everything for rosacea! My face gets very sore, red and spotty and stings with most things, particularly anything with alcohol or tea tree oil or mineral oil. The only thing that works for me is Eucerin ultra sensitive cleansing lotion and ultra sensitive soothing care moisturiser - either combination or dry skin.

I can also use Bioderma Sensibio H2O micellar water to take off makeup.

I use Lily Lolo makeup and Boots No 7 sensitive mascara in a silver tube, and Moogoo shampoo, conditioner and body wash.

It is all trial and error, I couldn't cope with Avene for example or the Moogoo creams but all the stuff on this thread so far is a great place to start.

I also use Metrogel sporadically but not much any more. It feels as though the Eucerin has allowed my skin to heal which is remarkable. Good luck!

Fluffybrain Tue 03-Jan-17 05:08:45

Oxytetracycline. Antibiotic prescribed by doctor. Been taking it for years. Still get some redness but cover with makeup. Is a lot worse without the antibiotics. Simple brand products are ok for cleansing. Olay sensitive skin. Green concealers are good for toning down the redness. Then use foundation and powder to cover. You kind of need to experiment to find out which products work best for you. Some will just set your skin off and some are ok. Go for the sensitive skin ones. But to be fair my face flashes red when I splash it with just water. It's that sensitive.

FleshEmoji Tue 03-Jan-17 05:11:33

Oxytetracycline here too. Again been taking it for years. I don't need to take any particular care of my skin now, really.

FrustratedFrugal Tue 03-Jan-17 06:45:52

With rosacea, less is more. My daily routine consists of double cleansing with Bioderma Sensibio micellar water and castile /black nigella soap. I use spf 50 sunscreen year round (Biore Watery Essence - but because it contains alcohol, avoid it if alcohol is your trigger). Lily Lolo was also excellent for my skin, and after using it for a couple of years and allowing my skin to heal and calm down, I have moved on to powder compacts (both Sensai Total Finish and Max Factor Facefinity) with great results.

My triggers used to be temperature changes - so no hot cloth cleansing. Eucerin 5% urea cream is my go-to winter moisturizer (I only use it occasionally if my skin is flaky or tight).

Google the Demodex theory of rosacea and discuss it with your doctor. Soolantra may be worth a look. I treated my face with ketoconazole, it made my face initially much worse but I have been in remission for a couple of years now.

FrustratedFrugal Tue 03-Jan-17 06:49:38

Oh and I have rosacea subtype #1 (facial redness or erythematotelangiectatic rosacea).

Candlelight123 Tue 03-Jan-17 08:28:10

Thanks frugal, I have only had 1 appt with dermatologist and I mentioned dermodex. He completely dismissed it. I also wasn't impressed with him for the other reasons about the elidel. I don't want oral antibiotics as I also have Crohn's disease which these will affect and I can't risk a crohns flare up.
I'm currently using garnier micellar water which doesn't seem like a bad option however I thought with the dryness & flakiness I needed something more creamy.
Fluffy - thanks also got a max factor green concealer which is good.
Thanks to everyone for suggestions I will do some googling and try these.

SweetPeaPods Tue 03-Jan-17 09:14:57

I think I have Rosacea but haven't been brace enough to see GP yet. Is it worth requesting a visit to dermatology or will GP try prescribing stuff first?

beanfilledfish Tue 03-Jan-17 09:18:25

I use a moisturiser called kalme undercoat for sore eyes it's meant to be good for rosacea

Reallyusefulengine Tue 03-Jan-17 09:35:18

Soolantra worked for me too! It's amazing. It got rid of the redness as well as the bumps. After unsuccessful laser therapy and various treatments with a dermatologist.

Jmangel Tue 03-Jan-17 10:22:11

Seriously, just get soolantra and then you won't have to worry about skincare regimes and make up - it has changed my life.

TheWorstNoel Tue 03-Jan-17 11:42:20

Another Soolantra (ivermectin) convert. Oxytetracycline + Finacea (azalieac acid) gel was clearing up the pustules when they erupted, but they were still coming back, and I didn't want to be on low level antibiotics forever, for various reasons. I had to ask the GP for Soolantra because she hadn't heard of it, but it worked within a fortnight and my skin hasn't looked this good in ages. I use it every other night now and only get a spot every few weeks. Definitely worth a try.

TheWorstNoel Tue 03-Jan-17 11:46:19

Sorry, skincare recs - a simple wash-off cleanser like Cetaphil, with a gentle BHA exfoliator a few times a week, and Eucerin or Paula's Choice moisturiser for very dry skin, and a sunscreen every day.

I don't think GPs have much of a clue about rosacea because not even dermatologists seem able to agree about what causes it, or what can clear it up.

FrustratedFrugal Tue 03-Jan-17 11:49:11

The demodex theory isn't proven (most likely rosacea is multifactorial and it may have a link with Crohn's) but it is gaining traction in medical literature - so Soolantra is definitely worth trying:

My mum has rosacea too and she rates Eucerin 5% urea, it's amazing for dry, flaky patches.

FrustratedFrugal Tue 03-Jan-17 11:58:55

Sorry, double pasted one of the links, meant this:

Direct quote:

"Factors that may contribute to disease pathogenesis include immune abnormality, vascular abnormality, neurogenic dysregulation, presence of cutaneous microorganisms, UV damage, and skin barrier dysfunction."

My personal take is that I am trying to prevent further UV damage, and protect the skin barrier.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Tue 03-Jan-17 11:58:56

I've found using milk as a toner fantastic for getting rid of flaky patches- it's the lactic acid. Rinse off afterwards. Leaves your skin flake free and glowing ( in a good way!)

FleshEmoji Tue 03-Jan-17 14:54:04

OP, the Chrohn's interests me. I've heard people say there may be a link, and my brother has it. Fairly sure there's some genetic link, or maybe family gut flora, or similar.

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