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Best face moisturiser for acne prone/oily skin?

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Tinks15 Sun 01-Jan-17 20:49:55

That isn't too pricey. Thanks!

Whisky2014 Sun 01-Jan-17 20:50:54

Marking place

Dailymaildailyfail Sun 01-Jan-17 20:55:19

I use a Superdrug Vitamin E face serum- it's £3.99. Then I put my primer for makeup on top. That's enough moisture for my super oily and acne prone skin. To be honest the entire Superdrug Vitamin e range is great but the serum is brilliant as it rubs in beautifully and leaves skin feeling soft and 'dry'.

If you want to blow the budget then Sunday Riley Artemis Oil is a great nighttime treat for your skin!

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