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My face needs help!

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nancy75 Sun 01-Jan-17 18:49:41

Help me all you skin & make up experts, I have just noticed I've turned in to a leather skinned troll & it can't go on!
I know nothing about face stuff, can someone please tell me what I need to put on my face morning & night?
I'm 41, never worn make up and I need a skincare routine and some advice on face make up too.
Skin in olive, and starting to look a bit dry & patchy and grey. Please can someone give me a list of stuff I need and tell me what to do with it? ( imagine you are explaining to a child- I really am clueless)
High street rather than Harvey nicks budget I'm afraid! grin

BusterGonad Mon 02-Jan-17 12:17:52

It's a bit tough to say without knowing too much about you but I'll start by telling you my easy routine. I cleanse by rubbing baby lotion all over my face and then I wipe it off with damp cotton wool, then I moisturise with a cream, at the moment I have The Body Shop vitamin E cream, and I use the thicker night one at night. You will also need a eye cream. The Body Shop Vitamin E one is good and so is the Aloe Vera one. I also use baby lotion to remove my make up and then if there is any eye make up remaining I use Simple eye make up remover, the non oily one that looks like water. Make up is harder to suggest. Maybe go to a counter and ask for help. I like Clinique CC cream, it's less heavy than a foundation but also covers well. Maybe get a mascara, concealer, cream blush and a few lip glosses or crayons.

BusterGonad Mon 02-Jan-17 12:35:07

Oh and a nice taupe or soft brown cream eyeshadow to sweep across your eyelids.

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