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Please could someone give me a nudge in the right direction here?

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keeponkeepinon Sun 01-Jan-17 13:46:31

I need to kick a habit. Of buying just because something is in the sales or convincing myself I "need" something when I don't.
It's feeling a bit ocd today. I've promised myself a no spend 2017 yet I am sitting here all angsty over orders I have placed in the last few days, most likely because of the impending self imposed ban. All at a good price, none of which I actually really need. I feel I would like to just cancel and unburden myself then the "ifs buts and maybes" start rolling in. I think I need a break from s&b too, it gives me too many spending ideas!
Does anyone else get like this? I need to just cancel these orders so why am I not doing it? Help!

TheGrumpySquirrel Sun 01-Jan-17 13:49:52

Cancel them and tell yourself you can pick one to re order if you still want to next week. You'll feel better. You won't still want to smile

keeponkeepinon Sun 01-Jan-17 14:00:09

It's actually a horrible thing. I get all 'should I shouldnt I' and it actually completely stresses me out. Quite ridiculous. I need a year off more than I thought. I rang up to cancel an order then of course the offices are shut.

Floisme Sun 01-Jan-17 14:00:43

Yes, although I'm not trying to do no-spend - I'd never stick to it - but planned shopping only. I've posted something very high minded on the 'style resolutions' thread that'll probably scare everyone else off but in short, I decided I could only make it work if I gave myself a) an outlet and b) an incentive.

So my outlet will be unlimited second hand buys, particularly vintage which is something I love doing anyway.
As an incentive, I'm aiming to put some of the money I save (cos hopefully I will save some!) away every month and at the end of the year, reward myself with something that's normally out of my league, budget wise.

I'm just having to pretend the sales aren't happening.

Don't know if anything similar would work for you? grin

Floisme Sun 01-Jan-17 14:01:15

Sorry - I don't know what that grin is doing at the end!

itsmeitskathee Sun 01-Jan-17 15:06:58

I'm the same. I have loads of clothes which are barely worn but love the excitement of buying new but as a result my wardrobe is bulging. But I quite like the thrill of not being overspent too.
I've told myself I will buy if I really need something (probably a sports bra as the one I have is falling apart) as opposed to just wanting it or that it would be handy.
I've also told myself I will get my nails and hair done more regularly with the extra money I save but let's see.

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