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Anyone fancy suggesting a new hairstyle for 17?

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PhyllisWig Sat 31-Dec-16 15:48:07

I really fancy a change. 42, senior level professional but naturally a bit scruffy/frumpy. Favour comfort (nothing tight, no heels) but want to funk up the image a bit. Short and curvy 12/14 hoping to get closer to the 12 over the next couple of months. Good at make up but bad at hair.

Hair is fine but plentiful. Tendency to wave a bit and a fierce cows lick in the front which means no fringe. It's about 40% grey and the rest warm light brown. Currently growing out lush henna and can't decide whether to embrace the grey or not. It's in a non descript short layered bob which is my default cut. Ok but meh.

Facially I look a bit like Gillian Anderson but much fatter and less pretty. Quite an angular face with a 'striking' nose.

I really fancy shorter but not pixie short. Must be easy to style.

Any ideas? I have googled/looked on Pinterest but just find what I want to find iyswim.

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