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Can you wear faux diamonds in the shower?

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ChickenVindaloo2 Sat 31-Dec-16 13:37:57

I am resolving to look more "finished" and groomed this year but cba putting jewellery on and off every morning. I have a a faux single diamond pendant on a silver chain which I was planning on just wearing mon-fri.

Will it be ok to leave on in the shower do you think?


Want2bSupermum Sat 31-Dec-16 13:41:50

The fake diamond will be fine but the chain might not survive. I've been wearing my earnings that DH got me 9 years ago every single day and never taken them out. I checked on them daily for the first month and saw no damage so continued. Nine years later they are fine.

ChickenVindaloo2 Sat 31-Dec-16 13:54:39

Thanks. I have several silver chains so I'll risk it in the name of beauty without effort!

AgathaMystery Sat 31-Dec-16 15:35:32

You never take them out?! Not even to clean them shock

buzzmoon Sat 31-Dec-16 15:41:00

Both will be fine. Just use a bit of silver polish on the silver chain if it looks a bit tarnished

ChickenVindaloo2 Sat 31-Dec-16 16:02:40

I take mine out mindlessly when I'm watching TV and wipe them with an alcohol swab after using them to clean under my nails

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Sat 31-Dec-16 16:06:09

So long as chain is silver it will be fine.

SapphireSeptember Sat 31-Dec-16 23:22:45

It'll be fine, and I've actually found that the silver jewellery I wear all the time doesn't get tarnished. I think the oils in your skin help protect it.

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