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Which GHDs?

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DontFundHate Sat 31-Dec-16 13:09:12

I've had my GHDs for 10 years and they're still excellent. Only trouble is they have thick plates and i now have very short hair so struggling to use them. Would love to get new straighteners, I assume GHDs are still the best??? Should I go for normal plates or thin ones? Or is there another option I should consider? Thanks!

DontFundHate Sat 31-Dec-16 15:47:11

Anyone?? I'm looking at IV fgrin

DontFundHate Sat 31-Dec-16 19:15:33

Pretty please?

Not a newbie by the way just a regular namechangee

PNGirl Sat 31-Dec-16 23:03:15

Apparently new GHDs aren't a patch on the new ones. I use Cloud 9.

PNGirl Sat 31-Dec-16 23:03:40

*aren't a patch on the old ones

DontFundHate Sun 01-Jan-17 10:04:17

Oh I'm very out of date! Is cloud 9 an older one then? But newer than IV?

CremeBrusselsSprouts Sun 01-Jan-17 10:12:32

I have the original GHDs that are still going strong but I never use them anymore as I much prefer my Steampod

L 'Oreal Steampod 2.0 Professional Straightener White

BooeyBaubleHead Sun 01-Jan-17 10:38:17

I bought Cloud 9 and they broke after 6 months. I'd had my GHDs for about 6 years. I didn't find the Cloud 9 straighteners any better than my GHDs either.

I'm using a £25 Vidal Sassoon at the moment. Intended for it to be short term but they do the job perfectly fine.

WaitrosePigeon Sun 01-Jan-17 10:53:54

The newer GHD's really aren't very good.

PNGirl Sun 01-Jan-17 11:13:31

Cloud 9 is a brand, not a GHD model.

thethoughtfox Sun 01-Jan-17 11:18:43

You can get different sizes of GHDs thin ones for short hair / fringes or extra wide ones. Check them out.

Hellofromtheotherside16 Sun 01-Jan-17 11:30:58

My ghds just conked out after years of use. I replaced them in desperation with a £19.99 Remington pair on offer from argos and I can't even tell the difference! I'd never bother with ghds again.

itstheyearzero Sun 01-Jan-17 11:58:58

Other companies can now use the same technology that GHD cornered the market market with all those years ago, so you can definitely spend less these days. I have a pair of Babyliss Boutique ones that are just ad good, if not better than GHD's and were less than half the price.

DontFundHate Sun 01-Jan-17 17:40:44

Ooh interesting thanks all

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