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Used rodial enzyme mask in M&S beauty advent calendar on Thursday night and now have a burn on my forehead. Help!

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appalachianwalzing Sat 31-Dec-16 10:35:45

Away for weekend and decided to try the Rodial enzyme face mask from the M&S beauty advent calendar before I went. My skin looked good yesterday, woke up this morning and had a shower in the hotel and I have a huge burn on my forehead. It looks like a patch of quite bad sunburn. I initially thought the water may be too hot but it hasn't gone away so I'm assuming it's the peel.

I'm usually v careful about things like this so I'm freaking out I've done serious damage. I was using liquid gold once a week since I got it in the advent calendar, and a moisturiser with spf 30. So perhaps it's too much acid together. I have quite fair skin, it can be a bit sensitive, but wasn't expecting this.

What should I do? Would like to cover with makeup but I don't want to do anything to aggrevate it. I can get to a pharmacy in the nearest town. I am really worried that trying to be nice to my face I've done lasting damage.

Anyone had experience of this? Google only got me people who had burns from actual chemical peels in dermatologists offices.

Kennington Sat 31-Dec-16 15:28:14

Prob a combination of liquid gold and th enzyme peel and washing the area
It should pass in a day or so.

botemp Sat 31-Dec-16 15:41:16

You've over exfoliated your skin and most likely compromised your skin barrier. You'll want something soothing like LRP Cicaplast B5 or even aloe vera and something high in ceramides to restore the skin barrier long term (should take a few weeks). The Superdrug Simply Pure Hydrating Serum has a good selection of ceramides in it and is very affordable and well suited for sensitive skin.

Liquid Gold really isn't the best for sensitive skin to begin with and definitely not to be used in combination with other exfoliating products and use should be build up very slowly to build up your tolerance. Definitely stop using LG and any other exfoliators (chemical or physical) until your skin is back to good health.

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