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Shampoo advice - sensitive scalp

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purpleshortcake Sat 31-Dec-16 10:18:12

Hi ..looking for recommendations. I have a sensitive scalp, prone to eczema and it is very itchy at the moment. The GP tends to prescribe coal-tar based shampoos which don't agree with me. Years ago I used to use a Kerastase shampoo for sensitive scalps (green bottle) but looking at their range now it has changed and there are a few different products now available.

Can anyone recommend a shampoo they have used that has calmed a dry, flaky sensitive scalp? Not coal tar based....

Thank you!

SilverHighlights Sat 31-Dec-16 10:28:44

I'm exactly the same, right down to coal tar making it worse.

I get best results if I rotate through three shampoos:
-Vosene (cleared it up fast but a bit harsh for daily use)
-Body Shop ginger shampoo
-Dentinox cradle cap shampoo (yes, really!)

Rainatnight Sat 31-Dec-16 10:29:46

Second Body Shop ginger. Magic stuff for scalps like ours

CurbsideProphet Sat 31-Dec-16 10:32:30

I have similar issues and have been using the Yes to Carrots shampoo for itchy/sensitive scalps. I find it has a better effect if I wash my hair every day (as soon as it starts getting greasy it gets more itchy). I have also had some success with the Eucerin shampoo for itchy scalps.

Furball Sat 31-Dec-16 10:40:40

I would check the ingredients most high street shampoos contain really harsh chemicals such as Sodium laureth sulfate - which is a chemical which strips oils but is also a good foamer so it's in alot of products.

If you go somewhere like say Holland and Barratt or a health food shop there are loads of and alternatives.

For info I use Faith in Nature which I get on really well with and it's not too pricey

purpleshortcake Sat 31-Dec-16 11:06:41

Thanks guys...hadn't considered the ginger shampoo...without your comments I would have worried it would make my scalp sting. My scalp doesn't tend to get greasy, it's very dry like the rest of my skin. Will have a look at the Carrots one too.

Is it just standard Vosene shampoo that worked (not sure if they do different varieties)

They all sound cheaper than the Kerastase ones too so bonus!

purpleshortcake Sat 31-Dec-16 11:16:39

Oh and I just found this Kerastase serum lingering in the back of cupboard so I'll give this a try too!

SilverHighlights Sat 31-Dec-16 12:40:06

Yes, the standard Vosene.

I spent 8 years fighting a weeping, bleeding scalp with various £20 bottles of 'medicated' shampoo before someone recommended it.

LadyOfTheCanyon Sat 31-Dec-16 14:21:20

Thanks silver!
I can scratch the dermatitis on my scalp till it weeps so I'm going to give this a go as so far no medicated/ non sls shampoo has worked.
Something that gave some relief was the Dead Sea mud conditioning treatment ( they do it in H&B it's about £10 --which is why I stopped using it--)

SilverHighlights Sat 31-Dec-16 22:28:13

I hope it works for you. It took about a week of daily washing for me to see an improvement but it did make a massive difference.

PM me if you want to commiserate on scabby scalps. I've found it really hard to get people to understand how distressing it is.

SparklesandBangs Sat 31-Dec-16 22:35:48

Scabby scalp here too, on bad days it's awful. I do have prescribed scalp application which I try to only use once a week as I have been using it for many years and guess I always will.

I find most Kerastase shampoos work for me but there is still a sensitive one that's best. I can't use any leave in product and wash my hair every day without fail. My scalp is worse at the back, nape of my neck so I avoid blow drying this area. No aerosols for me either. The only other thing I have noticed is it's much better when I don't have gel nails as I can't scratch it, which I do sub consciously.

OlivesTree Sat 31-Dec-16 22:41:58

I second Faith in Nature. Soothed my scalp after the first wash. I use the jojoba variety- smells lovely!

brightnearly Sat 31-Dec-16 22:43:44

The Aveda one for senditive scalps is good, too!

Melfish Sat 31-Dec-16 22:50:03

I rotate between Nizoral- mine is a greasy flaky scalp (mmm, nice!)-Herbal essences naked shampoo (lemon one) and another, at the moment Lush Rehab but I have used Kiehls dandruff shampoo and Klorane peony. I find swapping the shampoos,washing frequently and drying my scalp quickly with the blow drier helpful. I do have to avoid block colour tops at the moment though.

bettywhitearse Sat 31-Dec-16 22:52:25

Faith in nature here too. I have psoriasis. Itchy scalp the works.

OP, this is probably going to go against usual advice but I'd try using an SLS free shampoo and skip the conditioner for a while. Conditioners can cause havoc on your scalp just as much as shampoos can.

I've found using the Faith in nature pineapple shampoo and that's it my scalp is much much better. Im finding I don't need to wash my hair as much (every 3 days in the winter, still having to daily in the summer) still get the odd itch but 90% better than it was.

ShotgunNotDoingThePans Sat 31-Dec-16 23:17:53

Moogoo Milk Shampoo , also their Scalp Cream.
Might try the Faith in Nature pineapple one actually- like the sound of that.

clogher Sat 31-Dec-16 23:20:43

L'Occitane do an aromatherapy oil range which cleared up all my scalp problems over a two week period. Smells fab too. I never use anything else

Oldieandgoldie Sat 31-Dec-16 23:27:03

Itchy scalp lotion (steroid) available on prescription from GP is the best!
(Betnovate is one brand)

PaulDacresConscience Sat 31-Dec-16 23:30:23

MooGoo - it has been a Godsend.

I use their milk shampoo and their cream conditioner. It was recommended to me by another MNer earlier in the year. I was suffering with the most horrendous urticaria which had popped up all over the place, including on my scalp. The itching was so bad that I was scratching at night until I was bloody. I'd tried everything - including smearing olive oil and coconut oil on my scalp!

All cleared up now thank goodness but still using MooGoo as it leaves my hair lovely and soft. I would really recommend it - some health food stores stock it, or you can order online from their website.

70ontheinside Sat 31-Dec-16 23:35:10

Definitely MooGoo - soothes almost immediately and leaves hair shiny and soft!

PretzelPrincess Sat 31-Dec-16 23:48:16

Op it's probably the sulphates in the coal tar shampoos that your reacting to. I'm Exactly the same as you. I have found my people!
I use a lemongrass shampoo and conditioner by label M and it is sulphate free. My scalp has improved SO much since using this. Before I was scratching until I was bleeding, I had scaly skin, flaking all over. Bascically disgusting.
I used to use a betnovate treatment and that would clear me right up but now that does nothing.
Do any of you's have exzema/bad skin elsewhere? Do you find diet/other factors can help?
Although my scalp has improved it's still really bad. I've had a dermatology refferal bit that's in 6 months time shock

PaulDacresConscience Sat 31-Dec-16 23:50:58

I have eczema and keratosis pilaris quite badly on my upper arms and thighs. I developed urticaria for the first time this year - that's been a treat as I literally have no warning of when it flares up. I just wake up one morning and find I look like the fucking elephant woman!!

Diet doesn't have a big impact on mine - stress does though.

mintmagnummm Sun 01-Jan-17 07:00:54

My scalp is very sensitive too and I get flare ups of flaky, itchy, sore, and scabby it's awful!
I haven't found anything I love yet unfortunately but sls free seems to make mine worse! Moogoo was awful for me sad

purpleshortcake Sun 01-Jan-17 13:49:34

Thanks everyone. I can see a big shopping trip coming on to test out all these products, it's knowing which to try first. I suffer with eczema on other parts of my body too (interestingly it is worst of the palms of my hands which could tie in with a reaction when massaging shampoo into my scalp) I tried a few SLS free shampoos last year after I had a Keratin blow dry and can't say I noticed my scalp being much better.

I have the Betnovate scalp lotion .,boy does that sting when your scalp has sores on pouring nail polish remover into a cut!

I tend to wash my hair every day..the warm water soothes my scalp.

My scalp tends to flare up when I'm ill...have a cold now and my face is all flaky and my scalp the same. Feel very dehydrated all round, doesn't help a lot of my winter clothes are black so show every flakeblush

Oneday Sun 01-Jan-17 15:28:49

Thanks so much for all these recommendations - I'm in the same boat and was at a loss.

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