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Mulberry bag help please.

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WilburIsSomePig Fri 30-Dec-16 11:28:35

A few friends are clubbing together to buy another friend something really special for a big birthday. She loves bags so opinions on this one would be welcome please?

HeyMacWey Fri 30-Dec-16 11:31:04

It's lovely - timeless.
Lucky friend grin

WilburIsSomePig Fri 30-Dec-16 13:48:33

Good, thank you. I'm not great with handbags and two of the other 4 friends are men who don't care what it looks like and the other two are on holiday so I needed another opinion. Thank you!

girlelephant Fri 30-Dec-16 13:52:50

Oh that's lovely and a fab price on sale!

PolaDeVeboise Fri 30-Dec-16 17:18:39

Love and, indeed, covet this. Am very jealous of your friend!

cantthinkofawittyusername Fri 30-Dec-16 18:58:43

I think it's a lovely idea and your friend is lucky to habe such wonderful friends.

I just wonder if it might be an idea to give her a voucher so that she can choose the bag herself, unless you know her style and tastes extremely well. A bag is something so personal in terms of taste, how and for what purpose it is needed/used, that I would hesitate to choose a bag for someone else, because I would be worried that she might have preferred another one - regardless of how beautiful the bag I'd chosen was.

WilburIsSomePig Fri 30-Dec-16 19:37:15

God, I've bought it now. Do you think they'll exchange it for another one if she doesn't like it? She's always wanted a Mulberry bag and this one is fairly similar to her normal style so I'm hoping I haven't got it spectacularly wrong!

cantthinkofawittyusername Sat 31-Dec-16 06:00:22

Sorry, I didn't mean to make everything more complicated! blush
I'm sure that, IF she really wanted to exchange it, they would let her (provided that she's got the receipt and original packaging).
But, since it really is a beautiful bag, and since you say that it is very similar to her usual bags, I'm sure that you have hit her taste well smile

girlelephant Sun 01-Jan-17 20:58:05

I would contact them if you purchased online and explain it's a gift to query. But hopefully she'll love it!

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