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I'd love some really nice bedlinen but where will I find it?

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PollysPoppy Thu 29-Dec-16 21:29:54

Have a lovely set from Sheridan - high thread count, sateen cotton, washes beautifully. I'd buy again but I dont want identical to what I have. Can't find subtle colours in a cotton sateen which I love. White Company - nah! Creases terribly and havent found it to be a touch on Sheridan. Where else can I try? Ta.

Lorelei76 Thu 29-Dec-16 21:32:18

QVC northern nights. Pricey but a couple of sets on sale.

43andcounting Thu 29-Dec-16 21:34:08

I came on to recommend white company Savoy but you're not a fan. So, I will wait and see what others recommend. Lovely bed linen is a sheer delight so keen to hear about other options! Xx

dudsville Thu 29-Dec-16 21:35:14

I get 100%cotton beding from John Lewis. V soft.

peasandquiet Thu 29-Dec-16 21:36:01

Lots recommend soak and sleep but have never tried it myself. Always find the loveliest in a little indie haberdashery near me (sorry not helpful) enjoy new sheets even better than just clean sheets!

PollysPoppy Thu 29-Dec-16 21:40:54

Thanks ladies. Just had a look on John Lewis but am uninspired. Have heard soak and sleep mentioned so will check it out next. So right that lovely bedlinen is a sheer delight .... I want real hotel luxury! Such a pleasure to climb into bed!

PollysPoppy Thu 29-Dec-16 21:41:30

Oh and will look at QVC Northern Lights too!

Agadooo Thu 29-Dec-16 21:44:47

Tkmaxx always have lovely stuff x

EmmaC78 Thu 29-Dec-16 21:59:58

Laura Ashley always has nice bedding sets.

AndNoneForGretchenWieners Thu 29-Dec-16 22:01:36

Boundary Mills have a great selection of brands.

ByAllMeansMoveAtAGlacialPace Thu 29-Dec-16 22:03:08

Tielle love luxury. Best bedding I've ever owned. I have the 200tc and 300tc and it's soooo luxurious!

chocdonutyy Thu 29-Dec-16 22:05:55

Dunelm dorma or hotel ranges are always good and they have a sale on at the mo 🙂

Boredomismyenemy Thu 29-Dec-16 22:09:22

Tk maxx on occasion, but I recently discovered La Redoute bedding. They have a vast range!

witwootoodleoo Thu 29-Dec-16 22:09:25

High thread count bed linen from House of Fraser's Hotel Collection. Stupidly expensive but always gets very reduced in the sale. Soft and luxurious, lasts really well and washs well too without creasing horribly

BumWad Thu 29-Dec-16 22:10:33


canihaveacoffeeplease Thu 29-Dec-16 22:10:48

Cologne and cotton stuff is absolutely lovey and they have a 40% off sale on just now too!

GoodGirlsGuide Thu 29-Dec-16 22:14:49

Hi OP - I've posted before on another similar thread about Beaumont & Brown bedlinen so if you want additional suggestions it may be worth searching that on MN to find that thread.

I can personally say that B&B is the nicest bed linen I've ever bought.

doodlejump1980 Thu 29-Dec-16 22:16:27

We just got a lovely set from M&S.

BestIsWest Thu 29-Dec-16 22:18:28

I have to say Sheridan is the nicest we've had though we've just stayed in a house where they used King of Cotton and that was lovely.

BestIsWest Thu 29-Dec-16 22:21:18

We have some from HOF Hotel and the duvet cover and pillowcases are lovely but the sheet has bobbled badly.

soundsystem Thu 29-Dec-16 22:23:38

Another vote for Soak and Sleep

taybert Thu 29-Dec-16 22:24:33

I've just bought some from Secret Linen Store which looks and feels really nice. It only arrived today so can't really say about washing, creasing etc but I'm hopeful.

Kidnapped Thu 29-Dec-16 22:29:46

Just Linen have some Sheridan stuff on sale.

Other brands too.

fridgecake Thu 29-Dec-16 22:37:56

Another recommendation for tk maxx. Was in there this week and they have loads of Christie and Sheridan bedding, among others. So many nice ones, took me ages to choose. Went for a liberty print Christie in the end, for the bargain price of £35! Would normally retail at £150.

OutToGetYou Thu 29-Dec-16 22:40:58

We have King of Cotton, it's lovely.

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