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Foundations for older skin?

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ilovecherries Thu 29-Dec-16 17:34:15

I'm 57 soon, and haven't used much makeup for the last 5 years, but getting right into it again. I'm stumped with foundation though, and as my nearest department store or large Boots is 60 miles away, I need to be focussed when I go shopping and at least have a short list of things to look at/sample. I don't mind spending a bit. My skin is relatively unwrinkled - some laugh lines round my eyes and a few vertical lines round my lips, but no big creases, no forehead lines etc. I've got some visible pores though, and some redness on my cheeks (spend a lot of time outdoors) although I'm generally pale and can look quite grey when I'm tired. Don't have any age spots. Skin still looks oily on T zone by the end of the day. I've been using Clinique CC cream and urban decay naked skin but I feel the redness could do with more coverage. I tried Look Fabulous Forever but it oxidised terribly, and Bare Minerals which made its home in my pores. Advice re brands to try greatly appreciated - not even sure the questions I need to ask - should I look for sheer or full coverage or domething inbetween. Dewy or matt (and how fo I tell the difference?) etc. Oh - and I don't have a sensitive skin, have never had an allergic reaction to anything.

Floisme Thu 29-Dec-16 18:17:36

I like Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation. It's a good colour match for my skin and their staff aren't too scary. I'm 60 - face isn't that lined but it's saggy.

HectorAndKiki Thu 29-Dec-16 18:27:07

Have a look at the "hot and flashy " blog. Angie who does the blog does a foundation Friday every week where she try's a different foundation, it's really informative.

HectorAndKiki Thu 29-Dec-16 18:28:32

Have a look at the "hot and flashy " blog. Angie who does the blog does a foundation Friday every week where she try's a different foundation, it's really informative.

ilovecherries Thu 29-Dec-16 18:30:48

Oh yes, Hector, I've been watching her on YouTube. Her skin looks MUCH better than mine though.

Mandiba Thu 29-Dec-16 18:34:29

I have skin that sounds very similar to you & I use Clarins extra firming foundation. It has a lovely creamy feel to it and is very glowy on. It's probably light to medium in coverage.

WobblyLondoner Thu 29-Dec-16 18:42:10

Following with interest (am 50). I don't currently use foundation (am wondering whether to give them another try) but have been using the Clinique CC cream. Recently was persuaded to try a Clinique anti-redness solution which I'm really impressed with, and think I prefer to the CC cream. Good luck!

GreatNorthern Thu 29-Dec-16 19:05:18

IMO B Brown Skin Foundation has no coverage at all- I've used 2 bottles worth before deciding it was useless.

I'm 50+ but have good unlined skin.

I'm liking Dior Star, Clinique Superbalanced SILK, Nars Sheer Glow and possibly B Brown foundation stick (but again, very little coverage.)

ilovecherries Thu 29-Dec-16 19:08:37

Thanks everyone. Planning my route round John Lewis!

echt Thu 29-Dec-16 20:04:06

A good cheapie one is Rimmel's Wake me Up, which has reasonable brightening effect, without making you look as if you've covered yourself in glue and run through Accessorise ( looking at you Laura Mercier's illuminating moisturiser).

I'm 62.

ggirl Thu 29-Dec-16 20:17:04

I'm 54 and have red broken veins, visible pores and dry patches with slightly oily nose and chin....gorgeous grin

I really really really recommend Chanel CC cream . It has great coverage , covers red areas and pores disappear without blocking and causing spots. It has SPF 50 so if you're an avid selfie taker then probably not suitable .

It is very expensive though..I don't use very much of it so will last ages.

Beautifullymixed Thu 29-Dec-16 21:20:56

I'm a bit younger, but love no7 stay perfect foundation. I have a super colour match, and no oxidisation. So smooth, but feels lightweight, although with good coverage.

Illuminating powders sound like your cup of tea, ones I've heard mentioned the most are the hourglass ambient powders, nars crystal light reflecting loose powider, or gurlain meteorites pearls.

Also watch SugarPuffandFluff on YouTube. Her make up always looks flawless.
<slinks off to watch more makeup tutorials>

MollyHuaCha Thu 29-Dec-16 21:28:00

Sisley is lovely. Also Dior. Not cheap, but they last ages.

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