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Looking for new year fairy godmothers to probably teach me the basics!

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sleepwouldbenice Thu 29-Dec-16 01:12:28

I am 45 and try hard with the drink water, mostly healthy diet and doing exercise side of looking after yourself and helping on the beauty front

But am totally clueless with regards to Beauty regime, creams and potions. Use Clinique toner, boots no 7 serum and a basic spf15 foundation. That's it. Average skin, very occasional pimple but otherwise no issues

Looking for advice as to what products to buy that will help with youthful endeavours etc from those who have lots more of a clue than I do! Where to get these from and do/don't do rules also fine - I am a novice so won't find any advice too basic! Eg really don't know what retin a is. . .

Thanks for your advice!

sleepwouldbenice Thu 29-Dec-16 17:14:12

Hopeful bump!

HeyMacWey Thu 29-Dec-16 17:53:01

My first bit of advice would be to get a decent spf to wear daily. Get one that's broad spectrum and spf 50. Biore watery essence is a good one if you've got oily /combo skin. You'll probably need to order online from Japan. Lots of threads on here with other recommendations.

Second bit would be double cleansing; so firstly taking off makeup with an oil or balm (superdrug to a good brightening balm or body shop chamomile oil is good too), then second cleanse to clean your skin. I use cerave which you can buy from Amazon but any low ph cleanser is good.

No issues skin doesn't really need much additional imo. Perhaps a light day moisturiser. Avene or la Roche-posay are both good brands and you can get in boots. Avene would probably better if no major issues with your skin.

I've started using a retinoid serum at night (the ordinaries one) with the aim of delaying wrinkles or at least stopping them from getting too deep too quickly grin (I'm early 40's).

I love the Korean beauty products and mix and match with western ones depending on what I like the look of.

sleepwouldbenice Fri 30-Dec-16 00:01:11

Ok thanks. Even though I know you have tried to dumb down for me a few questions.....
So a SPF that's separate from your makeup?
Do you use retinoids cream everywhere like a night cream? blush

HeyMacWey Fri 30-Dec-16 08:35:30

Yes, a separate spf. You put it on before your make up and after any moisturising steps.
The retinoid serum I put on over a cleansed face and leave for 20 mins before putting on any other products.

PrincessWizard Fri 30-Dec-16 08:52:49

Sorry gatecrashing the thread blush

Is this the one you mean HeyMac

HeyMacWey Fri 30-Dec-16 10:55:22

Yes - that's the one.

phoolani Fri 30-Dec-16 12:14:35

What kind of budget do you have?

sleepwouldbenice Fri 30-Dec-16 23:24:56


thanks again and sorry for the delay had proper internet access today

Just re the serum what products would you be putting on after this? I don't want to do anything unnecessary but is the serum instead of night cream then? Is there anything extra to do for say eye creams or lip creams?

Also body creams (and are anti cellulite creams a waste of time - I am thinking that getting the running going properly is the best way to deal with this)

In terms of budget - I guess as I am determined to get into a new routine and maybe have lots of areas to get going with then say £150-200 but not on a regular basis so not tiny tubs for that if that makes sense!

Thanks again ladies, you will hopefully set me up for a new 2017!

HeyMacWey Sat 31-Dec-16 09:44:19

OK, I'm going to post my routine so you can see what I use and why /when

Single cleanse with cerave.
Hyaluronic toner (to add hydration - currently using Japanese brand Hada Labo)
Light moisturiser (sometimes Avene or Korean Bentons snail bee lotion)
Makeup as usual.

Double cleanse
Pat dry
Retinoid serum (leave for 20 mins)
I might then add a bha (this is an acid exfoliating lotion and helps keep on top of sebaceous filaments in my nose and open pores on my cheeks).

Lots of threads on here about acid toning.

Then I'll use a night mask (currently using a Korean gel one - but any night cream would do). Or if I don't use a night mask I'll then use a moisturising serum (see below).

I sometimes swap my night serums around each day depending on what I fancy or what I feel my skin needs.

In my arsenal I have a Korean version of Estee Lauder's advanced night repaired serum (which is a best seller over here and supposed to be a good anti-aging serum so might be worth splashing the cash on it) and a Korean fermented serum which sometimes I use instead of the retinoid. as well as other random bits that take my fancy along the way.

I don't bother with eye creams - I've never found one that doesn't make my eyes water or feel greasy. Lip wise I just use whatever lip balm I'm using at the time.

Anti-cellulite creams are a waste of time imo.

Hope that helps a little grin

HeyMacWey Sat 31-Dec-16 09:53:14

Forgot to add I sometimes I also use an oil at the end of routine instead of an overnight mask. I love the balance me oil, but lots of people use rosehip oil.

sleepwouldbenice Sat 31-Dec-16 18:36:49

Thank you so much! Am going to have a good online shop tomorrow to get me started! X

Methenyouplus4 Sat 31-Dec-16 21:10:13

Heymacway- sorry to crash but can I ask a question? When you are trying to keep on top of sebaceous filaments, what do you do after acid toning? I have started to use nip&fab pads etc and few other bits recommended on here for this issue. I have found that they bring them to the surface so makes them much easier to squeeze, but thinking I shouldn't be doing that? Should I perhaps add a facial scrub to get rid of them?

HeyMacWey Sun 01-Jan-17 09:56:33

me tbh since I started using a Korean inspired routine my skin has been sooo much clearer so they don't seem so prominent.
this blogger has a good deep cleansing routine. I use a neutragena clay cleanser/mask in it.

sleep spend some time doing research before you buy stuff. I've got oily skin so what works for me may not work for you! Have fun grin

Clara101 Sun 01-Jan-17 10:40:44

Place marking.. Hey do you get all these products online?

Is your current routine more elaborate than in the past and how much difference do you think it makes?

I'm also early 40s but have suffered from rosacea in the past. I currently use La Roche Posay Toleriane cleanser and moisturiser and just do minimum for my skin (plus avoid sugar, caffeine etc). This basic routine doesn't upset my skin but I wd like it to feel better, more hydrated etc. I would love any tips...

HeyMacWey Sun 01-Jan-17 11:50:41

Clara yes pretty much online. Korean products bought on ebay. I look out for the seller jolse.

My routine is definitely more elaborate now. As a teen I used to clean my face with witch hazel grin. Then moved onto dermalogica, then la Roche posay/French pharmacy products when my budget took a hit, and then onto Korean stuff. What I've realised is that my skin was probably pretty dehydrated. The extra steps I've added definitely seem to help with this without feeling like heavy products overloading my skin. I know nothing about treating roseacea though so don't know if any of the products will cause it to flare, although a quick Google says stay away from aha and bha's and it looks like hyaluronic acid is a Good Thing.

I think as well once I hit 40 I realised I wanted to try and stave off signs of aging for as long as I could. I'm pretty lucky in that I don't really have many wrinkles but want to try and encourage the collagen levels to stay higher for as long as possible grin

I'm interested in the ordinaries products and may replace some of my Korean products with them depending on what I fancy.

HeyMacWey Sun 01-Jan-17 11:55:43

this will probably my next purchase and will replace wherever I'm using in my morning routine.

I'm also interested in their buffet serum.

Clara101 Sun 01-Jan-17 16:35:16

Thank you Hey, will check your links and recommendations. I'm an eBay novice so wd need to figure it out! Happy 2017..!

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