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Facial exercises that work

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ivegotdreadfulpmttoday Wed 28-Dec-16 23:17:13

I've got hog jowls and a saggy neck. Can anyone recommend exercises that will really make a difference. Thanks

ProjectGainsborough Thu 29-Dec-16 01:36:36

Google facercise by Carole maggio (think I've got that name right). Does seem to make a difference when I can be arsed to do it.

Her jowl one is to sit straight up, hold the bottom of your neck and tilt your head back. Hold for a count of 3 and then bring it back to normal position. Repeat 30 times.

Notinmybackyard Thu 29-Dec-16 01:41:49

Try to touch your nose with your tongue several times. You can feel your neck muscles tighten as you do it. Another exercise is to bring your jaw forward so your bottom teeth come forward to meet your top teeth. You can feel your jaw muscles tighten.

margaritasbythesea Thu 29-Dec-16 08:35:59


DeepAndCrispAndEvenTheWind Thu 29-Dec-16 08:37:15


ivegotdreadfulpmttoday Thu 29-Dec-16 09:16:04

Thank you. I'll Google Carole Maggio - usual Google search comes up with so many it's a bit bewildering so thanks for the recommendation.

whatiswrongwithyou Thu 29-Dec-16 10:45:40

Try strength training! You'll be amazed at how much you tense the muscles in your face and neck - it's certainly kept me jowl free so far 44!

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