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Cruelty-free mascara please!

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psychoactive Wed 28-Dec-16 13:03:07

I ❤️ Urban Decay Perversion but it has honey in it (WHY?) what else can I try? Have rubbish short sparse eyelashes. Thanks!

Bragadocia Wed 28-Dec-16 13:39:05

I like this Barry M one for dramatic lashes, and this Beautiful Movements one for a more natural look. I know i calls itself thickening, but it's really subtle (too subtle for me really, so I don't use it much).

Barry M is also amazingly cheap for the quality. I am such a convert.

onlyconnect Wed 28-Dec-16 15:20:05

Me too: Barry M has changed my life!

psychoactive Wed 28-Dec-16 15:30:06

Thank you! Will try some asap 😊

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