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Capsule wardrobe but not quite.

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GoldenWondering Wed 28-Dec-16 11:13:09

I have a few questions about a capsule wardrobe. I have noticed I have a uniform and wear the same sort of things every day. I add a jumper in the winter. I am trying to have a clear out and I find I am holding onto lots of clothes just for a bit of variety. I do laundry every day without fail and I find putting laundry away a real chore. I know my clothes will get worn out quicker if I have fewer of them but I am thinking now of having, say, 7 tops and 4 bottoms, plus 2 work tops and 2 work bottoms. I would also buy one funeral outfit.

I have been watching youtube videos about capsule wardrobes but they seem to focus on accessories and stuff as well. I have loads of handbags and scarves that I never ever use, and they take up a lot of space, so that is the sort of thing I am looking to remove from my wardrobe.

The people who have capsule wardrobes - do they have other stuff stashed away? Have you cut down your wardrobe dramatically, and if so, do you miss having a variety of clothes? I have found that all my clothes are exactly the same shape, but in different colours. I don't have any different silhouettes.

I am thinking of doing this and I am trying to remove at least 5 items per day from my bedroom but I am apprehensive because I might regret it. Now that I have been sorting my clothes I have seen how poor the quality of my recent clothes is compared to those bought 10-15 year ago is. If I had to re-purchase items I would be buying inferior items.

Any experience before I make a mistake? I don't have any space to box things up and store them elsewhere BTW.

PNGirl Wed 28-Dec-16 15:59:13

Bloggers and Youtubers who more recently have started talking about capsule wardrobes actually have 4 "sets" - one for each season. They put away the winter clothing in summer and vice versa, and trade for lighter/heavier jackets and dresses or trousers depending on the weather. They also usually have about 30 items for a season including outerwear and shoes.

Laundry every day is excessive unless there are a few in a household - if you have to wash every day because you haven't got any clean clothes then you need to buy more.

Also, if you are worried you will get bored with one silhouette then it isn't one that you really and truly like. It's just an easy option that you've fallen into. In that case you probably need to introduce different types of items that aren't too similar but still go together.

I would suggest the Marie Kondo method of holding up everything and seeing if you love it. The things you want to keep should help you with choosing new things.

FWIW I live in jeans, cardigans, leather jackets and stripes but that's both because I love them and they are no-effort.

Newbrummie Wed 28-Dec-16 23:15:19

I'd rather have more outfits and less accessories personally. That's just my opinion I hate fuss, never get it right anyway so stick to red white and blue and look like a scruffy British airways employee but that's my capsule wardrobe nailed

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