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HubbleBubbles Wed 28-Dec-16 08:40:39

So I've never had a pashmina, or owned any cashmere... not sure why but I quite fancy one for my birthday (maybe old age!) How much to spend to get something really nice? What colour? What do you do with yours??

EmmaWoodlouse Thu 29-Dec-16 10:39:53

I have 2 real ones, they both came from TKMaxx. I didn't even notice the second one was real cashmere until I got it home, as the price was very affordable, so I'd say that was a good place to look. I've got a deep pink one and a light green one. I just wear them as scarves with a black coat - black gloves with the green one, as I haven't got any green gloves, but I've got some pink leather gloves I like wearing with the pink one. I've also worn the pink one over my shoulders like a shawl once, at a wedding, when I had a dress with pink and some other colours in it.

If I hadn't got those two, and was choosing one from scratch in any colour I liked, it would probably be either deep red or a taupe-ish sort of brown, as they're two of the colours I wear most in winter and I think they both look good with black.

SantasPantsalive Thu 29-Dec-16 17:34:54

I've had a couple from this company,

Really soft scarves in all sorts of colours and a very lovely small company, giving back to the community in Nepal.

Bluntness100 Thu 29-Dec-16 17:40:42

I have a few, if you look on Amazon they do a number which are seconds but genuinely you'd never know. And they are reduced from a hundred odd pounds down to twenty odds.

The thing about silk cashmere pashminas is they are very thin but warm, so although I don't wear them day to day, I take them for travelling for chilly planes, cold hotel rooms if with hubby as he likes to turn air con up to freezing and also sometimes for the summer if sitting outside in late evening. They fold up to nothing, The slate grey and the beige/gold are probably my more versatile ones and the quality is a million times better than anything you'd get on the high street as in they look expensive, which I guess they are, just I didn't pay the recommended price for them.

HubbleBubbles Thu 29-Dec-16 18:16:08

Thank you for the suggestions smile I'll have a look.

Roussette Thu 29-Dec-16 18:35:18

I've bought from this company and can't fault them.

Beautiful pashminas of all sorts and every grade. I have lots!

lajan Mon 15-May-17 10:18:53

hi i wish i'd seen this back in december! This company: is run by a friend of mine. she sells a pashminas ranging from everyday use (£14 viscose, very nice, fair trade!! easily washable if your toddler dribbles on them!) up to a luxury range (cashmere, cashmere / silk blends etc and they range up to around £250 at the top end for designer ones), she also has lovely cotton/silk dupattas - not sure if they'd cope with baby sick though!! sharon lives in weybridge surrey and often exhibits in the area if you are interested!

bojorojo Mon 15-May-17 10:54:00

The Cashmere Centre is reliable. Theirs have silk in the mix as well and a reasonable supply of colours. I think they are offering two for one at the moment and they have differing sizes.

runloganrun101 Mon 15-May-17 10:58:34

Go to your closest Pakistani area (not Indian) and ask for good quality shawls. You will usually find the pashminas at the bag - don't pay more than £20

runloganrun101 Mon 15-May-17 10:58:50

At the back.

Whiterabbitears Mon 15-May-17 22:04:24

I second going to an Asian clothing area and looking for them there, you will get varying quality depending how dressy they are. Sometimes you can haggle on the price too.

Crazy8 Mon 15-May-17 22:08:16

Runloganrun Why are shawls better from a Pakistani area rather than an Indian area?

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