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Tom Ford Make up... is it worth it?

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stillnotjustamummy Tue 27-Dec-16 05:25:32

I have rubbish skin. Bit of roseacea, fine lines and general nearly 40ishness. A colleague has recommended trying Tom Ford make up, but I've discovered it's nearly £60 a pop. I can only find it online, not in any stores near me so I can't just go and try it out. Has anyone here used it and is it worth it? Which one did you use?

Fluffycloudland77 Tue 27-Dec-16 07:35:31

I thought rosacea was caused by dermodex mites?.

FrustratedFrugal Tue 27-Dec-16 07:44:01

I think your rosacea would be helped most by a visit to a dermatologist and a simple, no frills skincare routine.

Stuff like a good cleansing routine, hyaluronic acid (might help with fine lines) and a daily sunscreen. Plus knowing your triggers and avoiding them. Some people who believe in the Demodex theory of rosacea have found ivermectin therapy useful, but there are other treatments too.

I have mild rosacea. Figuring out all of the above hugely improved my skin. When my skin calmed down, I could start exploring makeup again, but I find budget stuff just as good as more pricey brands.

ChocoChou Tue 27-Dec-16 11:49:32

I have TF liquid foundation and TF foundation stick. You would undoubtedly have to get colour matched for it as it's way too expensive to get it wrong.
On the whole tho I'm not overwhelmed by it. I prefer Nars or Giorgio Armani if you're looking high end, I have cloasma (sp? Basically brown patches...) and they both cover it very very well. Tom Ford lipsticks are lovely though but honestly, not worth the ££

Crispbutty Tue 27-Dec-16 12:01:03

In honesty no, I don't think Tom ford is worth it and that there are much better products on the market that would work.

TF is just expensive designer stuff (I have one of the perfumes and love it but at £100 a bottle it was definately a rare treat)

I wasn't too impressed with nars either and still have a virtually unused foundation.

After trying many different and expensive foundations my current favourite for the last few years (I'm 46) is rimmel 24. It covers the fine lines and evens the skin tone perfectly.

violetbunny Tue 27-Dec-16 19:10:48

It's nice but you are definitely paying extra for the brand name. Tom ford is owned by Estée Lauder who also own MAC, Bobbi Brown and Clinique. I have the Tom Ford waterproof foundation and I swear it's exactly the same as the MAC Prolongwear waterproof. Similarly, I have an Estée Lauder concealer which I swear is the same as a MAC one I have....

stillnotjustamummy Tue 27-Dec-16 19:44:20

Thanks for the responses! I'll save my money! The Dr gave me a cream for the rosacea but it doesn't seem to help. I haven't the funds for a private dermatologist sadly, so I'd been hoping to find something that could at least cover it. I use Mac mineralise at the moment, and liked Guerlain back when the disposable income was higher. Everything just looks cakey on my skin, despite moisturiser and primer. I find I need a powder (nars) to set the foundation or it just disappears. I have post pregnancy patches too so it's all a bit of a mess!

Dorisdolalee Tue 27-Dec-16 19:55:34

Try laura mercier secret concealer with lily Lolo mineral make up over the top ( mac mineralise is too shiney and makes skin look weird if you use too much. and push for a referral to a dermatologist with GP
I'm a professional and it's the only way to cover rosacea

Dulcimena Tue 27-Dec-16 20:24:39

If the cream that your gp gave you hasn't helped, go back and ask for a referral to an nhs dermatologist. Good luck.

SilentlyScreamingAgain Tue 27-Dec-16 20:44:27

Rosacea can be caused by a number of different things, so it's quite normal to have to go back to the GP a few times before you hit on the right treatment. It's normally fairly mild but, for some people, it can become unsightly if left untreated so it's best to find the right treatment.

I love Tom Ford makeup, the packaging is lovely, but it's not going to cure a medical condition. If you want something to cover the redness up, while it's being treated, Estée Lauder make a very highly pigmented foundation for about half the cost and Vichy do another for half the cost again.

PossumInAPearTree Tue 27-Dec-16 20:50:48

Don't know anything about rosecca but I always used to have cakey foundation and lady in bobbi brown told me I needed to sort my skincare out. I started using nip and fab pads and it's made a big difference. No idea if would be too harsh for you.

JustGettingStarted Tue 27-Dec-16 20:57:13

There's no makeup so good that you should buy it without trying it first.

LockedOutOfMN Tue 27-Dec-16 21:21:23

I would say book a session with a make-up artist, ask them which products they'd recommend for your skin type and the look you want to achieve, and let them show you how to apply them. Get a recommendation for the make-up artist (maybe recent brides would know about ones in your local area?)

Tom Ford perfumes are LOVELY. My absolute favourites and a cut above the others, in my opinion. Never heard about the make-up, sorry.

andintothefire Tue 27-Dec-16 22:13:03

Tom Ford lipsticks are my favourite, but I don't know about the foundation. I suspect that there are probably better (or equally good) foundation options for the money. Above a certain amount of quality and money it's just personal preference I think - I like the lipsticks because they are moisturising and come in beautiful colours (and packaging!), but other people might think they are not worth the ££

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