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Where do you get firm support non wired bras in size 32H

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HateSummer Mon 26-Dec-16 23:51:41

I normally wear minimisers when I go out but I need something comfy for home wear. I can't find anywhere that sells non wired bras for a big bust that don't give a pointy cone shape. I'm hoping to find something in the sales, I hope someone can help!

Btw, I've measured myself properly so I've gone from 34DD to 32H and I can't find this size ANYWHERE in any shops 😡

PaperdollCartoon Mon 26-Dec-16 23:57:41

Go to Bravissimo and get them to properly measure, fit and advise you.

Harvestmoonsobig Mon 26-Dec-16 23:58:45

Apparently Triumph are bringing out a new range in the spring otherwise I've yet to find anything effective. I buy M&S full cup and adapt by reducing the back band.

therootoftheroot Tue 27-Dec-16 00:00:13

SophieGiroux Tue 27-Dec-16 00:01:17

Freya deco do good non wired bras, they do 32f as that's my size and they probably do H

clary Tue 27-Dec-16 00:02:14

I don't know about wireless bras as such, but I am 30G (used to be 32GG/32H) so I feel your pain OP. Nobody seems to sell my size either.

I am very keen on brastop - cheap posh bras for mad sizes, only thing is they tend to be crazy colours, so all my bras are bright pink or navy tartan, no white or skintone here no siree!

Here you are mostly nursing or sports bras tho

PickAChew Tue 27-Dec-16 00:02:40

TBH, you'll struggle with all those requirements with a non-wired bra.

I'm 32GG wired (lost weight so verging on 30H, but not quite enjoying/appreciating it, yet) but tend to wear something like 34F non-wired, for comfort and shape. i find that non-wired bras (and certain styles of wired ones, eg Triumph amourette) aren't quite there with the new fit, yet, as they rely on stiffer fabric and a firmer band for support..

VforVienetta Tue 27-Dec-16 00:03:54

I wear HotMilk bf-ing bras in that size, they're fab, and unwired. Doesn't really matter that they have BF clips, they're just good bras.
Bravissimo also good.

cookiefiend Tue 27-Dec-16 00:12:38

On was about to come here and suggest hot milk too- you can get them on figleaves.

PhilODox Tue 27-Dec-16 00:17:26

grin Another vote for Hot Milk! They're gorgeous.

SophieGiroux Tue 27-Dec-16 00:23:07

I've just ordered some stuff from belle lingerie, they've got a good sale on at the moment

HateSummer Tue 27-Dec-16 00:42:26

Yes I see a lot of nursing bras in my size. I'm currently wearing nursing bras at home which are left overs from my breast feeding days! I'll check Hotmilk, thanks for the suggestion!

I found one unwired bra on the brastop site, so thank you!

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