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Perfume gives me a headache - do you think I can return even though open?

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HeyMacWey Mon 26-Dec-16 18:45:44

Dh bought me some for Christmas - unfortunately it's a floral one and gives me a cracking headache. Pretty sure it's got gardenia as a base note. Obviously I've opened it, but what chance do you think I've got of getting a swap/credit note?

VivienneWestwoodsKnickers Mon 26-Dec-16 18:48:05


Ebay, Gumtree or regift IMO.

CaraAspen Mon 26-Dec-16 18:48:23

No chance.

goingtotown Mon 26-Dec-16 22:51:47

Silly question. Would you buy an opened bottle of perfume.

Woopsiedaisy Mon 26-Dec-16 22:58:23

I think it depends on the brand.

Some perfumes / cosmetics can be returned if they cause an allergy.

I have certainly returned Clinique & Chanel products in the past although it was a few years ago

Only1scoop Mon 26-Dec-16 23:03:04

No it's used of course you can't.

OhWellNeverMindEh Tue 27-Dec-16 10:14:14

I beg to differ, I bought a Clarins one that is a derivative of my usual scent, gave me migraines, so they swapped it, no problem at all.

PNGirl Tue 27-Dec-16 10:20:31

Depends. Somewhere like a nice department store counter might but if you ask someone on the checkout in Boots or Superdrug you'll get a funny look and a "No!"

HeyMacWey Tue 27-Dec-16 10:27:34

Just realised it's accidentally posted two threads - I'm going to give them a call and see what they say. But looks like it might be ebay bound!

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