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Best shampoo and conditioner for thin hair w/oily roots and verrry dry ends?

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stumblymonkey Mon 26-Dec-16 18:22:20

I have made a pledge as part of my NY resolutions to sort out the condition of my hair ahead of my wedding in December 17.

I'll be getting regular cuts and dyes (to cover grey in my brown hair) but I really need to find a hair treatment regime that will help me have naice shiny, swishy, untangled and luscious hair --if one exists.
My hair type is:

- Curly....long, large curls (rather than spiral curls IYSWIM)
- Oily roots
- Very, very dry and damaged from mid length to root (not sure why it's damaged as I don't currently dry it or straighten it)

At the moment it's so dry that after a night sleeping on it the back is like tangled candy floss.

What shampoos, conditioners, treatments, etc would you recommend?

Please help!

mowglik Mon 26-Dec-16 19:42:26

I have thinning, oily hair - ends used to be quite dry and the hair at my nape used to get tangled every night due to being so dry

I like:
-Coconut oil on hair once or twice a week as a pre shampoo treatment (can also mix in castor oil on spots that are thinning though I wouldn't add it all over). Leave 20 min or so before shampooing out
-hair oil esp on ends
-Shampoos I use are L'Oréal clay (oily roots and dry ends) and L'Oréal fibrology (thickening and volume)
- you can also buy a moisturising spray in conditioner to use on ends between washes if they are drying out

Good luck!

stumblymonkey Mon 26-Dec-16 20:55:36

Thanks. Travelling to Berlin for a few days as of tomorrow so will be able to try something new with the little samples at the airport.

Will definitely give the coconut oil a try as have been meaning to for a while...

wheelwithinawheel Tue 27-Dec-16 00:20:38

Andrew hill keratin shampoo is fantastic, also the Argan oil shampoo, and definitely the 2 minute miracle hair mask, but I just use it as a regular conditioner. Definitely do weekly deep conditioning treatments, even with the oily roots, as dry hair stimulates oil production and can overcompensate creating oily roots.

wheelwithinawheel Tue 27-Dec-16 00:21:54

Or is it mark hill?! Yes mark hill! I blame the Christmas wine grin

trickyex Tue 27-Dec-16 00:26:29

I have been doing a bit of research tonight after joining is another hair thread and the Paul Mitchell shampoos get good reviews, shampoo one and two are good for oily roots, I didnt get as far as conditioner as my ends are dry but not damaged so not too bad, thats my job for tomorrow.

Dizzybintess Tue 27-Dec-16 00:38:08

I had one by kerastase In green bottles

CointreauVersial Tue 27-Dec-16 01:10:31

I've been using the Richard Ward Anti Aging range from Waitrose and it's really excellent - like you, I have fine hair prone to greasy roots, but it is going slightly grey so gets terribly dry through the lengths.

It seems to strike the right balance between moisturising the hair and actually getting it clean.

Newbrummie Tue 27-Dec-16 07:22:39

Cut down on the shampoo will make a massive difference. Gradually leave it s day longer in between washes until you can go a week. Your hair will regulate the grease itself and then just condition the ends in the shower every day. Using sulphate Free shampoo also makes a huge difference to moisture levels

trickyex Fri 30-Dec-16 18:41:58

New any idea on how long it will take to even our oiliness levels? I am a week in and my hair is still very oily only a day after washing....

Newbrummie Fri 30-Dec-16 18:42:55

It's takes months for it to readdress itself

trickyex Fri 30-Dec-16 18:51:12

Ah ok better get some decent dry shampoo then!

Newbrummie Fri 30-Dec-16 19:05:08

trickyex - I think that makes it worse, did for me .... At some point you e just got to go through the pain barrier, that may not be now but just gradually leave it a day longer between washes

Polkadotties Fri 30-Dec-16 19:11:16

Sounds quite like my hair. I use the organix coconut water shampoo and john Freida frizz ease dream curls conditioner.
I used to use coconut oil once a week but got out of the habit, need to start again.

trickyex Fri 30-Dec-16 19:17:36

Oh it looks minging though, really flat and oily. Yuck.......

Newbrummie Fri 30-Dec-16 19:19:55

What have you used ?

trickyex Fri 30-Dec-16 19:53:36

I vary my shampoo and conditioner, always have but my hair has always been very oily at the roots, whatever I use....

LadyMonicaBaddingham Fri 30-Dec-16 19:59:41

I've started using the L'oreal Extraordinary Clay stuff and I have noticed a difference. Only condition the mid length and ends, make sure you comb well before washing and while conditioning and rinse the conditioner out really well. I find a cold rinse at the end helpful too.

stumblymonkey Fri 30-Dec-16 19:59:58

I go around three days without washing at the moment....I can't go any longer as I commute and work in an office every day so I don't think I could impose my oil slick on everyone else while I went through the pain barrier blush

Will definitely give some of the things mentioned a go....

UncomfortableBadger Fri 30-Dec-16 20:31:35

Another vote here for L'Oreal Extraordinary Clay! Has made the world of difference to my hair smile

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