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Wearing glasses for a 'night out'

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mostimproved Mon 26-Dec-16 15:35:38

Any fellow spectacle wearers about who can advise me?!
For New Year I'm going to a fairly smart event, not black tie but cocktail dresses and heels etc. I hardly ever go to these things and have just realised I don't think glasses really mix with smart eveningwear! I can't wear contacts so my choices are either go without and risk blanking people I know/squinting across the table, or wear them and look a bit odd? These are my glasses and i am planning to wear a simple black sleeveless dress.
Also bonus question - if you suggest glasses, have you got any tips for makeup with glasses?!

Rockpebblestone Mon 26-Dec-16 15:48:28

Your glasses will look great with everything. Regarding make up, I don't think you have to do anything specially for the glasses - if you are unsure just check your appearance with glasses on and amend if needed. smile

Rockpebblestone Mon 26-Dec-16 15:50:01

If you really don't want to wear them, why not put them in your bag and then they are there for if you do need them.

NotTodaySatan Mon 26-Dec-16 15:50:19

Glasses with a nice black dress will look great. Wear them and channel your inner Lisa Loeb smile.

NotTodaySatan Mon 26-Dec-16 15:52:14

makeup for glasses tutorial.

Kenworthington Mon 26-Dec-16 15:57:19

Gah I wrote a massive reply then was faffing around looking for a photo to attach. I wear glasses full time. If I dont I can't see and would trip over (at best) . That wouldn't look very stylish or glam. This will totally out me but what the heck. This is me going to a very glam black tie ball. I still felt attractive in my specs! (In fact I now look weird without them)

ImprovingMyMH Mon 26-Dec-16 16:02:30

I think your glasses are really lovely, and will look great with a dress.

What does the glasses with makeup tutorial say? The sound doesn't work when I play it. I wear glasses with makeup every day - the only issue i have is that the makeup goes onto my glasses, so I have to give them a quick wipe at lunchtime, and check that my nose looks okay confused.

ImprovingMyMH Mon 26-Dec-16 16:03:17

Wow, Ken, you look fab!

charliethebear Mon 26-Dec-16 16:06:28

Your glasses will look completely fine. Especially with a black dress. Its better to wear glasses than not be able to see! In terms of make up, maybe a standout lipstick? But I don't think you need special makeup with glasses. You will look great
kenworthington you look incredible there!

Kenworthington Mon 26-Dec-16 16:07:20

Ha well thanks improving. And yes I do know my glasses are Prob too big for my face but I like them like that (before anyone says anything!).

Op- stick some highlighter under your brows and top of cheekbones and that will make a huge difference. If I dont do that I find my eyes just look a smudgy dark mess under my specs

mostimproved Mon 26-Dec-16 16:18:18

Thanks all for the replies. Kenworthington you look great, that has really inspired me! I will watch the tutorial for makeup inspiration, although I'm definitely leaning towards a strong lipstick and simple eyes as the glasses seem to dull the effect of eyeshadow etc.

OutToGetYou Mon 26-Dec-16 16:37:06

I wear glasses all the time, no choice. Bit hmm at you telling me they look odd with smart clothes.

Just wear them, doubt anyone will notice .

HiHoHeidi Mon 26-Dec-16 22:03:59

Look at the Frugality blog. Alexa the blogger wears glasses and is tres chic!

LadyOfTheCanyon Tue 27-Dec-16 19:01:56

Make sure you do your eyebrows. I wear glasses sometimes ( have had to over the whole Xmas period due to an eye infection) and going a bit heavier on the eyebrow pencil really helps ' frame' my eyes.

Petalbird Tue 27-Dec-16 19:05:05

Didn't know there were situation where seeing was a bad thing. Worn glasses since I was 3 though so they come with me wherever never thought about it....

littledinaco Tue 27-Dec-16 19:08:28

I love the look of glasses on a night out, think they look lovely with glam make up and big hair.
Your glasses look fab OP.

CMOTDibbler Tue 27-Dec-16 19:14:07

I wear glasses all the time - they go on my face as soon as my eyes are open, come off at bedtime and only come off to replace with prescription goggles or sunglasses. Otherwise I can't see a thing.

I am very short sighted, and think I need heavier eye makeup than I might otherwise, and generally prefer to wear my hair up for formal occasions to stop it hanging over my glasses

Love the look Kenworthington!

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