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Whether you’re a beauty novice or a confirmed fashionista, this topic is for consulting Mumsnetters on all things style-related. Plus, check out our Swears By page for the inside track on the next Mumsnet must-have.

What's your beauty resolution for 2017? Look groomed/expensive? Princessing?

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ChickenVindaloo2 Mon 26-Dec-16 13:49:42


I have 4 stone to lose (see another thread!)

But my resolution for 2017 is to put into practice the advice on the princessing/look groomed/look expensive type threads.

In particular:
Keep up with skincare regime
Wear make up, perfume
Style hair instead of just leaving it to dry and then ponytail
Stick to natural fabrics in neutral shades with just a "pop" (hate that word!) of colour
Get enough sleep
Iron clothes and clean shoes!
Neutral/light pink nail polish

What are you aiming for in 2017?

PaniWahine Mon 26-Dec-16 14:53:43

I'll aim for;
Keep up skin care regime
Learn how to apply make up
Lose 3 stone
Achieve swish like princess hair
Look less like something the cat dragged in

I'll achieve;

(I'm realistic)

OhStuffingBalls Mon 26-Dec-16 14:54:34

Get fit
Do something better with my hair...dont know what, though! angry

ChickenVindaloo2 Mon 26-Dec-16 14:58:48

Pani - choose one and do it!

Misssss Mon 26-Dec-16 15:08:02

I'm pretty groomed now thanks to various princessing threads. Now I need to work in looking "expensive". For me this means loosing weight, (loads of stones) and buying more coherent clothing.

NoJimmyProtested Mon 26-Dec-16 15:17:25

Keep up with skincare routine and add in a couple of new steps (The Skincare threads are helping hugely)
Try to lose about 5 pounds
Look into tear trough fillers
Do Crest Strip Teeth Whitening
I think that's it. Meeting someone and falling in love would be nice too and would, i think, do wonders for giving me a bit of a glow.. [blush}

Craycr4y Mon 26-Dec-16 15:51:27

Yes I would like to prioritise my appearance more next year:

Keep up with the new skincare regime
Make time to go to the gym
Use my new wardrobe and don't slob around the house
Wear more jewellery to look more "finished"
Keep up with using nice coloured nail varnishes

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 26-Dec-16 16:25:08

Ooh -

I'm sorted on the nails'n'hair front. I have very short nails, cannot grow them and cannot wear product (NHS H&S/Infection Control)
Hair is Pixie short growing out my henna and letting the grey in. I resolved to never go beyond 6 weeks (I aim for 5) for haircutting which I'm keeping up with.

I don't wear make-up so no point me buying more and planning to wear it.
But I'm planning having LVL or similar.

On the "No Buy 2017" I'm planning to absorb a bit of it......
I won't keep buying shampoo thinking I'll hit The Holy Grail of Shampoos (when IRL , I'll go back to Aveda or OGX)

Last year I decided ,any clothes I want, I walk away for 24-48 hours. If I still love them, I go back.
(It doesn't always work because the item might be gone , but too bad)

So, I'm going to continue, write down what I was planning to buy and see if I still want the same/similar.
Anything I do buy, I'm going to keep a note in my diary and add up at the end of the month. Should help to focus things.

And wear what I have in my wardrobe, not keep dragging out the same things.

Could do with losing some middle fat but apart from that, ok

alezas Mon 26-Dec-16 16:29:04

wtf is princessing?! I'm against it just based on the name!

Lorelei76 Mon 26-Dec-16 16:37:07

what is princessing?!

I'm going to start, a, er, regime. In general I'm going to start paying attnetion to what i look like. Not loads, but a bit so I don't jump out of my skin when I happen to catch sight of a mirror.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 26-Dec-16 16:43:15

I think (might be fibbing here) that'Princessing' is when you go to (for example) a wedding, you prepare like its your own wedding.
No idea what it has to do with Princesses though, but that's the gist of it.

My DD is very groomed (at 14.6yo) but TBH, she has time to do make-up and straighten her hair/plait her hair, plan her wardrobe.

IRL, it takes more time than I have so I'm a watered down version. Just cannot afford at 50 to be a scruffbag.

PhyllisWig Mon 26-Dec-16 16:46:36

Work on a fitness regime which I enjoy and my knee can cope with (ideally running based if I possibly can)

Lose Christmas weight and maybe a touch more - maybe 10lbs total tops. If I can't then just keep at my current (pre Christmas) weight. I've kept off 4 stone for the last 18 months and kepping it off is more important than losing

Keep up with my skincare

Sort my hair. I need to decide if I'm going to let the grey in. If I do I need a sharper cut to prevent frump but I'm rubbish at hair

Find a clothes style which works. I'm short and curvy, 42 and want to look pulled together, comfy and not boring. I struggle a lot with this as I default to frumpy.

busyboysmum Mon 26-Dec-16 16:59:20

I'm going to lose the baby weight (youngest is now 5 😆)
I've found a bodybalance class that I love so I'm going to try to go at least twice a week
I am oiling my wrinkles at least twice a day in the hope of oiling them away. Trying bio oil at the moment

Lorelei76 Mon 26-Dec-16 17:09:22

busy, body balance is a lovely class.

FrustratedFrugal Mon 26-Dec-16 17:14:16

A total cosmetics shopping ban but enjoying my existing stash.
Doing the self-care thing.
Regular haircut and color.
Probably continuing to track what I wear.
Red lipstick January.

FrustratedFrugal Mon 26-Dec-16 17:15:29

Oh and keeping up my exercise goals (minimum 10000 steps per day).

busyboysmum Mon 26-Dec-16 17:18:08

Lorelei I love it. I love the way each section is only a song long so you feel you can push yourself as it's such a short defined amount of time. And I love the music. I really felt it was doing me good. Annoyingly it is cancelled for 2 weeks for Christmas but I am back on it in the new year.

Lorelei76 Mon 26-Dec-16 17:28:41

busy, glad you enjoy it. Generally I do the gym rather than classes but that one is good and also - I work out a lot! - a good one that you can do even if tired and still feel better after. It won't be a hard habit to keep up smile

stumblymonkey Mon 26-Dec-16 17:36:15

I've completely let myself go lately...mainly because I got fat after being ill and then felt like there was no point but there is a point as I tend to stick to weight loss more when I feel good about myself.

I'm also getting married in December and would like to look like my best possible self by then...

I plan to:

- Get my haircut every ten weeks
- Keep my nails groomed including painting
- Start a skincare regime
- Find a shampoo and conditioner I like
- Lay out what I'll wear the night before
- Apply body lotion
- Facemask once a month

ChickenVindaloo2 Mon 26-Dec-16 18:52:27

Find a shampoo and conditioner I like
YY to this. I've started keeping a list of all the ones I try and whether they are good or not. (sad, but saves money!)

Lay out what I'll wear the night before
YY. Including underwear, accessories.

Aoibhe Mon 26-Dec-16 18:57:08

Mine sounds odd, but instead of blonde highlights every 10-12 weeks, I'm going to grow them out, for 6 months at least, and see what I think. Roots are in wink More money in my pocket, hair should be in better condition, I could go on....

Karcheer Mon 26-Dec-16 19:01:00

Ultimately I want to look toned, healthy and glamorous/polished.

So I'm going to eat well, exercise, dress better, do my hair better, wear makeup etc.

PurpleNurple69 Mon 26-Dec-16 19:18:24

Well apart from not buying any products or makeup unless I've completely run out (yeah right), I'm planning on getting some work done on my face. I've had 2 Endyderm sessions with 2 to go and I also want some fillers around my mouth/nose lines.

This is work I definitely want doing but in tandem with this I'm cutting out refined sugar and alcohol. I think this'll make a huge difference to the condition of my skin. I've really noticed my wrinkles getting worse over the last year or so when I upped my booze intake.

Oh, and stop looking in the fecking 10x magnification light up mirror! Holy hell! blush

humanfemale Mon 26-Dec-16 20:37:09

Those of you looking for a good shampoo, have you tried Bed Head urban antidotes? Massive bottles of shampoo and conditioner online for £15 - really good value and great stuff.

I am planning to:

- Take better care of my nails and hands
- Whiten teeth slightly
Lose a few pounds / tone up at gym
- Wear the clothes I already have
- Wash hair every 3 days instead of current every 2 days
- Wait 24 hours before buying something non essential (am trialling this with Cambridge Satchel co saddle bag I was tempted by this morning! Damn online shopping)
- Only buy new item of clothing / accessory if i can realistically see myself wearing it at least 30 times through the rest of my life
- Stay sober!

And sure there will be more, since i LOVE resolutions! smile

missfliss Mon 26-Dec-16 20:38:18

Mine are:
Return to low carb / high fat diet - aim to lose 10 pounds
No clothes spend 2017
Use my Tria Age Defying laser
The Ordinary skincare
Return to running when foot healed after op
Regular yoga

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