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Where can I learn to do eye makeup please?

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thestylethatdecadesforgot Sun 25-Dec-16 15:31:14

Please don't suggest you tube! I've already tried and I can't copy, something to do with left handed-ness and mirror imaging things!

I've tried a few recommendations of eye liners and would love to be able to do a little flick but I keep making a mess of it. I have a short pixie cut and really would like to crack wearing make up to stop me feeling so boy-ish after never really wearing it ever!

Any suggestions gratefully received smile

hollinhurst84 Sun 25-Dec-16 15:43:28

For me I do the line on the eye lid first, just with a pointy brush and gel liner
Then I swap to a angled brush and draw a thin line out, as if I'm drawing the same angle up from my lower lid
Then I drag that line back into the lid to connect and fill it in

hollinhurst84 Sun 25-Dec-16 15:44:18

Like this

KenDoddsDadsDog Sun 25-Dec-16 15:49:16

If you're on Facebook come over to Mrs Gloss and the Goss. Fab tips from all kinds of women and skills.

WhooooAmI24601 Sun 25-Dec-16 15:57:31

I second MG&TG they're lovely and no-nonsense. Loads of really helpful bits for beginners and they're such a supportive group.

WhooooAmI24601 Sun 25-Dec-16 15:59:09

Also, for beginners I have to suggest Soap and Glory's supercat. It is amazing; I'm a total spanner at eyeliner but it's always great with supercat. Mac's pencil liners are lovely to smudge for a proper smoky eye, too, if you want to have a little try, and loads are on sale in John Lewis at the moment.

tighterthanscrooge Mon 26-Dec-16 03:55:48

I'm rubbish at make up but recently got my make up done at the Boots No 7 counter. The lady was lovely and spent ages showing me how to put everything on and what everything is for etc. Took her about 90 mins blush
But now I finally know what I'm doing wink

thestylethatdecadesforgot Mon 26-Dec-16 13:44:00

Wow thanks everyone!!

I had my foundation colour match thingy done at the no7 counter in October-ish and the girl was lovely. Matched to their palest foundation which made me look orange tanned when on (that's how pale I am!), so I bought their BB cream which was much better. In fact I'm super impressed with it though it doesn't last longer than half a day.

Very grateful for the suggestions, I will have a look at soap and glory and ask at the no7 counter re eyes.

hollinhurst thank you - I've tried the gel liner and angled brush and I do understand the technique but I really can't replicate it however hard I try!! Perhaps watching someone do it live might help!

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