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Bag or simiłar for make up brushes

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mckenzie Fri 23-Dec-16 15:47:28

I am very new to make up (and I'm old smile It passed me by when I was a youngster, a mum, middle aged etc)

Anyway, I now have three good make up brushes and I'd like to look after them so need a bag or roll or something to keep them in.
I looked in the shops today and all said items have brushes with them which I dint need and so don't want to pay for.

Any ideas please?

botemp Fri 23-Dec-16 16:15:27

Are you travelling with them? Otherwise a jar works just fine smile. This pouch from Muji is good for a few brushes to travel with.

mckenzie Fri 23-Dec-16 21:02:23

Thanks botemp.
No travel plans looming so a jar will do just fine. Or even a cute mug huh?

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