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Help! I've cut my own fringe!

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Christmascrackedit Fri 23-Dec-16 12:22:06

Hello lovely S&B people.

I have gone against everything google told me and cut my own fringe in a mad panic...

It's too short, but not too bad, I started in the middle and stopped when I realised my mistake, so its not a wide short fringe, just the front iyswim. It looks a bit like Audrey Hepburns fringe if I push it to one side. (my fringe not me, unfortunately!)

I do need to see a hairdresser. The rest of my hair is very long with no layers. I'm 26 and have black hair.

Any ideas of what I could ask for to fix? I'm not against having a thick fringe or an edgy style. Please help meee S&B I will be wearing a santa hat this xmas fgrin

burnishedsilver Fri 23-Dec-16 12:31:03


flouncybeetroot Fri 23-Dec-16 12:38:45

How short is it? Could you blow dry is backwards, then clip/grip it back?

BusterTheBulldog Fri 23-Dec-16 12:44:47

I would just get it cut straight and blunt. It's look ace with long dark hair!

I cut mine all the time, convinced I'm quite good now-and if not I just 'cjuz' it around a bit!

Christmascrackedit Fri 23-Dec-16 12:47:35

I mean, it's not horrendous is it? It doesn't look good with my hair down though.

Christmascrackedit Fri 23-Dec-16 12:48:22

Ok, it is awful...scrap my last comment!!

retainertrainer Fri 23-Dec-16 12:55:59

I think you need to take it further along but make the side longer so it curves down and then it's not such a harsh line.

retainertrainer Fri 23-Dec-16 12:58:28

Like this. The second pic of alexa Chung.

TondelayaDellaVentamiglia Fri 23-Dec-16 13:09:41

i think you might get away with it if you make it wider...and then cut in a C shape focussed over your right eyebrow so the outer edges are lengthening into the longer sides.

Use short scissors, damp it slightly and snip wisps off holding the scissors vertically and sort of pivoting them like the hands of a clock....does that make sense?

Gingerbreadmam Fri 23-Dec-16 13:13:03

This love it.

Christmascrackedit Fri 23-Dec-16 13:21:17

I do love alexa chungs hair! Ah thank you for the suggestions. My hair has recently stopped falling out post partum, so grown back with a fluffy minifringe.

burnishedsilver Fri 23-Dec-16 14:03:35

You've got some good suggestions but don't pick up the scissors yourself again. Let a hairdresser finish the job.

TroysMammy Fri 23-Dec-16 14:05:37

I was imagining you had merrily snipped away until you looked like Dave Hill from Slade grin

Bluntness100 Fri 23-Dec-16 14:05:43

I think don't cut it further, and go see a hair dresser. Who can add some long layers in.

ggirl Fri 23-Dec-16 14:07:23

did the same the other day OP

I did try to get a fringe cut at my hairdressers but they were too busy so I went straight to super drug and bought some scissors.

Mine looks shite.

MerlinWizzard Fri 23-Dec-16 14:12:21

I've cut my own fringe for year. Haven't let a hairdresser touch it since I was 18 (I'm 24) as they always cut it too short/so it won't fall in the right place.

I chop a tiny bit of the length and then just chop upwards into mine to cut/thin it so it's not so blunt smile

Christmascrackedit Fri 23-Dec-16 14:53:19

I called a high end salon (I never get my hair done, so it isn't a big expense the grand scheme of things.) they've said to come in tomorrow to see the creative director, must have sounded worse than it is on the phone! 😂 I'm not touching my hair again with scissors!
Surely they will know exactly what to do! hmmgrin

retainertrainer Sat 24-Dec-16 05:59:04

Good luck! Report back,I'm sure it'll look fantastic once they've finished with you!

1horatio Sat 24-Dec-16 22:46:14

did this when I was about 4. snuck into a box and tried to cut my hair in a blunt fringe...

DM went to a hairstylist and I got a seriously stylish cut (according to photographs). And I cut off way more than you did.

So, I'm sure you'll end up with something great. There seems to be enough hair left to do 'something'..

Christmascrackedit Sun 25-Dec-16 06:49:09

Hiya! It looks really nice now. Had a whole restyle. I'll put a pic up later. smile

talksensetome Sun 25-Dec-16 06:52:44

Ohhhh can't wait to see the pics OP

retainertrainer Sun 25-Dec-16 06:58:12

Excellent,not such a bad move after all!

Pollyxcx Sun 25-Dec-16 06:58:16


TwentyChews Sun 25-Dec-16 20:52:23

Ahem? wink

1horatio Sun 25-Dec-16 21:03:19

So... how does it look? 😅

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