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Help needed identifying a bag

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EnidClowes Thu 22-Dec-16 23:46:57

I've seen a bag on a couple of people that I really like the look of but not been able to ask where it's from.
I've googled it relentlessly using descriptive words but have failed to come up with it. To be honest it's likely to be out of my price range (based on how put together the women with this bag looked) but I can dream.

Can anyone help me track down where it's from?

It looks like it's leather and has a detachable strap worn across the body. I've seen a turquoise one and a bright yellow one and it's plain aside from a single gold stud on the front. It's rectangular with what looks like a couple of sections but no pockets on the outside.

Does anyone know/have an idea?

burnishedsilver Fri 23-Dec-16 05:45:02

Is it along these lines?

LadyOfTheCanyon Fri 23-Dec-16 07:29:46

Is it this one? Oliver Bonas.

cardoon Fri 23-Dec-16 08:55:10

mimi berry

EnidClowes Fri 23-Dec-16 09:41:12

ladyofthecanyon you've found it, thank you! Out of stock but I know what it is now. Thank you

Thanks all, really appreciate the help!

ChishandFips33 Fri 23-Dec-16 10:49:04

I've just been on the Oliver Bonas website with squinty eyes expecting this to be pricey - really surprised!
They have some nice things

It says there's 7 blue in stock if that helps

LadyOfTheCanyon Fri 23-Dec-16 15:17:29

Haha you're welcome! My powers of Google are unsurpassed!! What a shame they are out of stock. It's a lovely bag.

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