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What brand for a men's wallet?

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ReadySteadyNo Thu 22-Dec-16 22:28:40

Looking for husband'a birthday as his current wallet is about to give up. I have about £150 to spend and would like a smartish black bifold but am struggling to think of a nice brand. Husband is mid 30s and works in media, curent wallet is Paul Smith which was quite cool when we bought it years ago but feels a bit less so now. I quite like the idea of mulberry but not really sure. Any ideas wise ones?

KenDoddsDadsDog Thu 22-Dec-16 22:30:42

DH has an Anya Himdmarch which I added some bespoke writing to. It's gorgeous .

claptomania Thu 22-Dec-16 22:40:31

Scottish brand called Dalby (I think) do lovely wallets and money clips

claptomania Thu 22-Dec-16 22:41:28

Dalvey, not Dalby, sorry!

Tibby2016 Thu 22-Dec-16 22:50:23

Definitely a Mulberry I bought my dp one a few years ago and it's still like new! Although he doesn't get it out very often grin

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