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Matte or gloss nails? Which do you prefer?

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keeponkeepinon Thu 22-Dec-16 11:44:57

Just curious, I like matte but then feel it doesn't look quite as smart as glossy nails once it's on.
And deciding on my Christmas nail colour, what are you stylish lot all wearing?

NotTodaySatan Thu 22-Dec-16 11:51:21

Glossy nails.

Really dislike the effect of matte nail polish. Looks dull.

footballwidow12 Thu 22-Dec-16 11:55:22

Gloss for me all the way - when the glossiness is starting to wear off it's time for a new set grin

girlelephant Thu 22-Dec-16 11:55:26

I only like gloss

Trills Thu 22-Dec-16 12:01:25

Not completely matte but not the wet-look shinyness you get with some polishes.

More importantly - not talons. Very long nails look awful. I much prefer a short nail with dark colour on it.

NotTodaySatan Thu 22-Dec-16 12:02:54

I'm with you Trills. Can't stand long pointy nails, the stiletto ones that are all over Instagram look dire to me.

Short, squoval and a nice dark colour for me.

keeponkeepinon Thu 22-Dec-16 12:06:36

Short, squoval and a nice dark colour for me
Classic, stylish.
I'm thinking if it ain't broke don't fix it! Dark mulberry gloss nails it is.
I too abhor the weird pointy talon thing, in fact any talon nails. They make me judder.

MadisonAvenue Thu 22-Dec-16 12:07:50

Gloss, and I have to keep my nails short. Not for work reasons but I just hate the feel and the look of long nails.

JingleBellies Thu 22-Dec-16 12:12:16

I like glossy. These are my natural nails and I went for purple with a snowflake on each ring finger

walruswhiskers Thu 22-Dec-16 12:16:10

Stupidly went off piste and had ice blue gel on my nails the other day. Am usually a short dark aficionado. They look ok but I'm not thrilled and now have to wear them for at least 2 weeks to get my money's worth.

vxa2 Thu 22-Dec-16 12:30:52

I like gloss. I haven't had my nails done professionally since I got married -19 years ago. I have old lady hands but I decided to treat myself. I can't have anything bright because of my job so I went for this. I like them.

MadisonAvenue Thu 22-Dec-16 12:39:34

vxa2 I've never had my nails professionally done. I hated having them cut as a child and it's put me off having someone mess with them.

LittleBearPad Thu 22-Dec-16 13:12:38


Have pillar box red for Christmas but usually dark crimson. Also short.

I do a lot of typing and can't bear my nails hitting the keyboard.

FrustratedFrugal Thu 22-Dec-16 13:19:31

I think matte nails can be really chic but right now I have ultra glossy cranberry nails for Christmas.

1horatio Thu 22-Dec-16 13:49:42

I am required to have clipped nails and seeing as I have a slightly short nail beds there isn't a lot of nail to paint. So, I usually just have clear gloss or light glossy colours.

If I don't need to clip them for maybe a week (like this week....) I love using glossy reds and berry colours.

TondelayaDellaVentamiglia Thu 22-Dec-16 14:00:43

Shiny for me, and preferably glittery too!
Last three weeks I was super glittertastic with gold and silver randomly applied, but got them redone yesterday, and now black and glittery with star stamp on ring finger.

interstellarcloudofdust Thu 22-Dec-16 15:19:29

I like to use a matte top coat sometimes when the polish has been on for a few days. Quick way of making it look different. Or the other way round, sometimes I start with matte then go gloss after a few days.

keeponkeepinon Thu 22-Dec-16 15:27:19

I often go for ridiculously glittery red for christmas week but it absolutely knackers my nails. I can't get the stuff off without damaging them.
So I may give it a swerve this year and go for a rich shiny berry.

Judydreamsofhorses Thu 22-Dec-16 20:44:24

Mine are always short and shiny. Currently pale grey, but will redo in red tomorrow for Christmas. I do my own, unless I''m going on holiday when I get Jessica Geleration done.

keeponkeepinon Thu 22-Dec-16 22:44:30

Mine done in a lovely deep cranberry now!

BiscuitCapitalOfTheWorld Thu 22-Dec-16 22:50:47

Sounds good. Matte can look good if it looks deliberate, but it can look like the "painted my nails not long before I went to bed and now they have duvet imprint on them" that people used to rock at high school in the 90s quite a lot.

Kikibanana86 Thu 22-Dec-16 23:47:06

I like both. Black matte looks nice.

I have long coffin shaped nails ATM. Squibs looks a bit mumsy imo!

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