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Laser/IPL hair removal

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Please be gentle I am a S&B novice! I am generally happy with the way I look but am quite hairy due to PCOS. I manage legs and underarms with shaving but really struggle with my bikini line due to suffering painful ingrown hairs regardless of the methods used. I rarely swim and even hate DH seeing me in underwear as I am so self conscious of my bikini line, but have decided enough is enough.

I am going to try laser/IPL but am unsure which is best. I have seen several Groupon offers for this and wondered if anyone had used these. I presume you would get the same treatment as if you paid full price? There is a Skin (sp?) clinic near by that I have seen recommended on old MN threads but this only got 3/5 stars in online reviews. Any advice/experiences would be very helpful.

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