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Blonde highlights - brassy and dull

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AccioNameChange Mon 19-Dec-16 13:24:08

Have had two full head of highlights and a half head, in an attempt to go very blonde. Normal hair colour is dark blonde.

Have been to two different hairdressers but they don't seem to be able to get the pale ash I want, and now after a couple of months even the bits I was happy with are dull and definitely more golden than the "whiter" blonde I want.

Have been using Lee Stafford purple shampoo once a week, but it does make my hair very dry so I avoid more than that.

Just disappointed really and looking for any tips!

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Mon 19-Dec-16 13:56:53

You need Bleach London White Toner (Boots £7 ish) . It's an easy semi permanent toner to use at home and lifts out any yellow tones. Amazing stuff.

AccioNameChange Mon 19-Dec-16 13:59:41

Ooooh sounds good! Thank you. I get a bit nervous about doing anything dye related at home, is it fairly foolproof?

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Mon 19-Dec-16 14:17:41

Yes it's easy to use. You get two bottles of liquid, pour one into the other bottle, shake and then smear the creamy stuff all over your hair. It doesn't matter if you get it on non highlighted hair, it won't affect it.

Leave for 15 mins then rinse out. It starts to look a bit purple when it's on your head, but don't panic it doesn't turn your highlights that colour.

You also get a reincarnation mask (conditioner) to use afterwards which left my hair really soft and shiny. smile

You won't see a dramatic difference, it's not a hair dye or bleach but it definitely got rid of the brassy tones in my hair.

AccioNameChange Mon 19-Dec-16 14:28:31

Great. Thanks so much!

ImBrian Mon 19-Dec-16 16:34:36

Milkshake purple shampoo is the best one I've found, I'm grey with white bits and this stains the white bits purple which non of the others did. It gets rid of all the brassy tones trying to get through.

Kel1234 Tue 20-Dec-16 14:53:20

Thinking back to when I had blonde highlights, and more so when I went completely bleached blonde- roots and everything, John Frieda sheer blonde was quite good I found (as well as the lee Stafford purple stuff, which you said dries your hair out, so ignore that).

cometprancerdancer Tue 20-Dec-16 15:35:06

L'Oréal shine blonde is a good one. Did they use a toner? It sounds like they haven't left bleach on long enough. If the bleach isn't left on long enough you won't get a clean blonde. And a toning shampoo won't necessarily work if the blonde isn't light enough. Why don't you go back to the salon? And tell them your unhappy

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