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Where to get bras for slim dd

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imjessie Sun 18-Dec-16 19:06:32

So marks add on numbers and bravissimo don't so if her back measures 26 and over the top measures 29 What size do I get ? Teen ones seem to start at 30 but I wear 32 g and in size 10 . She is about a size 4 as 5 ft 5 .

LIZS Sun 18-Dec-16 19:11:28

M and s do a 28 as do Debenhams.

imjessie Sun 18-Dec-16 19:20:19

My back measures 32 and I wear 32 so surely I need 26 for her ?

QueSera Sun 18-Dec-16 19:23:21

Try Tezenis, lovely bras and i think they would be good for slim sizes

LIZS Sun 18-Dec-16 19:24:41

We couldn't find a 26 anywhere but 28 wasn't loose.

imjessie Sun 18-Dec-16 19:25:38

Ok thanks . I'll try 28 I think . She is currently just wearing bra top thingys but has just started to grow a chest so I need to do something and pronto .!

WhisperingLoudly Sun 18-Dec-16 19:27:34

Started a similar thread yesterday - I've ordered DD some 28" back from M&S but she measures 27.

It was very hard to find anything suitably plain.

imjessie Sun 18-Dec-16 19:30:45

It's tricky isn't it .. seeing as all her friends are a similar build there seems to be a lack of products available . She is my only dd so I'm new to this . She is very conscious of herself so there is no way she will be getting a fitting . I'll need to buy them and let her try at home .

slug Sun 18-Dec-16 19:59:30

This sort of thing went down well with DD when she started needing a bra

WhisperingLoudly Sun 18-Dec-16 20:32:55

That's perfect slug don't know why I didn't think of good old JL.

imjessie yes it's tricky - DD not yet in her teens but obviously needs a bra and teeny frame. I've seen a million and one padded bras but she (and me!) just wants something very plain.

Buttwing Sun 18-Dec-16 20:33:32

My dd measured 28 under her bust and we bought a 28 back in john Lewis. When she tried a 28 back in m and s it was really tight and she had to go up to a 30, so might suit your dd? I think it was a range called angel.

imjessie Sun 18-Dec-16 20:44:17

Thanks all .. I'll take a look in John Lewis .

ilovechocolates Sun 18-Dec-16 22:08:57

M&s T short bras are simple

WhisperingLoudly Sun 18-Dec-16 22:23:42

ilove can't find anything in stock that's not padded. I don't want padded.

ElizaSchuyler Sun 18-Dec-16 22:29:51

Try John Lewis. Dd prefers their bras to M & S. She'll have to go up to a 28 but try 28B to start.

Why don't you want padding. In our experience a little is more comfortable, prevents chafing & looks smoother under a t shirt.

MeadowHay Sun 18-Dec-16 23:29:31

I think you'd struggle to find a 26 anywhere, but for 28 backs I think Boux Avenue, Debenhams, John Lewis, and Figleaves all do them. My sister is a 28 back and I know it can be hard to find bras in that size, I'm a 30 and I have problems enough!

StripeyMonkey1 Sun 18-Dec-16 23:37:12

Any French brand will be better than UK for smaller back and cup sizes. Maybe Chantelle?

StripeyMonkey1 Sun 18-Dec-16 23:37:55

John Lewis will stock as will House of Fraser. I'd probably avoid M&S for smaller sizes.

Crumbs1 Sun 18-Dec-16 23:52:53

My 18 year old youngest is 4'11" size 6 ish but about a c cup. She's given up on bras and uses Calvin Klein crop top/jersey things as more comfortable and no bounce problem. She probably doesn't need a bra as she hasn't actually got breasts at her size. It's why manufacturers don't make many that small.

WhisperingLoudly Mon 19-Dec-16 08:30:12

eliza we don't want padding because she's 12 years old and already measuring a likely C cup. She has a teeny frame - a top shop 4 would hang off her and in all honest she doesn't want to draw more attention to them.

WhisperingLoudly Mon 19-Dec-16 08:33:12

A little rant about M&S:

Ordered bras last Monday. They were part of a bigger order of Christmas Pjs, final gifts etc. Not arrived. Buried in my inbox was an email from last week saying problem with bras and so whole order delayed. Will now arrive whilst we are away. Too late to use anything for Christmas and likely to late to return it angry

dancemom Mon 19-Dec-16 08:38:41

Wouldn't worry about padding, ime it's usually lightly mounded rather than padded for a smoother look

Dd also is 26 back but with a d cup at 11

imjessie Mon 19-Dec-16 09:26:35

I have been told that the 'padding' is for modesty . And also that their nipples can be sore . The ones I've felt are only just slightly padded to be fair .

ElizaSchuyler Mon 19-Dec-16 09:33:28

I agree with Jessie. Dd was one of the first to develop which is hard for a girl at ballet school but the padding which really is very slight is for comfort & modesty.

justabigdisco Mon 19-Dec-16 10:54:18

Agree with PP re padding. It's not to make the boobs look bigger but to create a smoother line and stop nipples showing when it's cold! I'm 35 and only wear padded now despite 30FF boobs. I don't want lacy bits or nipples showing through my clothes.

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