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Skin masks

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iloveeverykindofcat Sun 18-Dec-16 14:34:15

Can anyone reccommend a good mask for spot-prone skin/sebaceous filaments? I've been using Shills Black which has cleared my pores really well (no spots!) but now my its drying my face out. Am willing to spend for results.

Cuttysarky Sun 18-Dec-16 14:51:37

I'm not sure what filaments are... but I have spot prone skin that gets dry etc, my favourite mask so far is the Antipodes Manuka honey mask, soothing and moisturising, and seems to help clear spots up too! Quite pricey but I'm guessing just after Christmas you may be able to get it for less! fsmile

iloveeverykindofcat Sun 18-Dec-16 15:02:03

They are the stuff that clog your pores and look like blackheads. That one does look lovely but I think I'm after more of a deep-cleansing/detoxifying effect. Am open to non-masks also, I've just found that masks work well in getting at the pores (sounds gross! my skin isn't that bad, honest, though it would be if I didn't work at it grin)

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