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What to wear with this skirt

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1lov3comps Sat 17-Dec-16 08:20:32

I bought this skirt and really like it but can't work out what to wear on top with it? It's very fitted so I don't think having anything tucked in will work and am at a bit of a loss now!
On the other side, it was only €10 and still have receipt so can return if needs be!!

glasshalfsomething Sat 17-Dec-16 08:30:30

Depending on the temp - a black polo neck? Or is that too casual?

perfectlybroken Sat 17-Dec-16 08:38:01

I would say a shortish wooly jumper in a nice bright colour, e.g. Mustard if it suits you

1lov3comps Sat 17-Dec-16 12:09:22

Thanks for the suggestions...nothing seems to look great with it though. Might just return, not sure it's worth the effort

LobsterQuadrille Sat 17-Dec-16 13:01:07

I like it too. I'd wear a chunky black knit with it and black opaque tights.

Black opaques, slim fitting black turtle neck, boots.

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