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So happy with my first Botox

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Liiinoo Sat 17-Dec-16 01:12:27

I am in my mid fifties. On the whole I have good skin and look younger than my age but last week I went to see a specialist Doctor to ask about having a thread lift to perk up my droopy neck, jowls and eyelids. She didn't think a thread lift would give me the results I wanted but recommended ultherapy for my lower face and neck. That is booked in for next week.

For my droopy eyes she recommended Botox and carried it out on the spot. The results have been amazing. I have gone from quite deep set, hooded eyes to wide awake looking, lifted eyes and my brows are more arched giving a better frame to my face. I still have facial movement and I love the effect and wish I had done it years ago.

I never thought I would be that person who had any sort of cosmetic intervention and I am posting this to let other women my age know that you can have the occasional tweak or procedure and not end up looking freakish.

LeadPipe Sat 17-Dec-16 01:15:50

Of course not always freakish! So glad it's gone well for you OP.

WIT WOOO!! smile

HeadElf Sat 17-Dec-16 01:25:39

I'm 23 and loveeeeer my Botox, good for you wine

shazza99 Sat 17-Dec-16 08:16:37

Please tell me where you went OP. I hope it's not too far!

shazza99 Sat 17-Dec-16 08:17:05

(And how much it cost), thanks.

Menssanaincorporesano Sat 17-Dec-16 08:22:41

Hi OP, I'd also love to know where you went!

Snowflake65 Sat 17-Dec-16 08:24:29

Following...with droopy lined face.

Softkitty2 Sat 17-Dec-16 09:12:23

Im 30 and have fairly good skin but I will most definitely have intervention when im older..

Pleased for you. Nothing beats feeling happy about yourself.

user1473609428 Sat 17-Dec-16 09:54:43

botox is great of done by a good practitioner and in small doses. But fillers are even better! I've seen some amazing results from ultherapy. Please let me know how it went.

Liiinoo Sat 17-Dec-16 10:15:47

She did suggest fillers for my marionette lines but that seemed a bit too invasive for me.

I went here The Botox was £200. I think that is quite expensive compared to other places, but it is bang in the centre of the City of London so overheads are expensive.

When I made the appointment I was determined I wouldn't have Botox but she was so matter of fact and reassuring about it that I decided to trust her judgement and I am very glad I did.

Newbrummie Sat 17-Dec-16 10:32:26

I know nurses working from home who charge £200. That seems quite reasonable for central London

franksidebottom Sat 17-Dec-16 11:44:38

Dr Leah is a former Apprentice winner or finalist, she has a clinic in Essex as well, I haven't used her but she seems highly rated

Menssanaincorporesano Sun 18-Dec-16 08:34:47

Thank you for letting us know where yi went. Was Dr Leah your actual therapist , or was it one of her team?

GettingitwrongHauntingatnight Sun 18-Dec-16 08:43:54

I want botox, when I have the cash I'm going to get my forehead lines done.

GettingitwrongHauntingatnight Sun 18-Dec-16 08:45:17

Thanks for info on Dr Leah.

MiniCooperLover Sun 18-Dec-16 11:21:54

Dr Leah won the Apprentice a couple of years ago. Alan Sugar has partially funded the clinics. Who did you see OP? Glad it went well.

franksidebottom Sun 18-Dec-16 13:24:41

I think £200 is about right for london. I also want my forehead lines done next year (40th bday next year)

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