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WWW's six week 10 year younger boot camp PROPER, week 1 - Feb half term to April

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WideWebWitch Sun 18-Feb-07 19:52:29

Hello, this is week 1 proper of a new 10yy six week boot camp. Anyone who did boot camp lite last week, as I did, may want to be very strict with themselves this week although I suppose it depends on when your half term is and whether you are working through it or away or something.

The rules are:

This is about feeling better about yourself...not necessarily a diet per se etc etc

- Sunscreen at all times. I know it's winter, there are still rays trying to damage your skin
- No or little booze. Wine at the weekend is allowed if you want it
- Walking is important, a small amount every day if possible. 30 mins if you can, I am booking out lunch hours where possible to do this
- Lots of water, aim for 2 litres a day
- Apply body cream as often as possible. I am doing my heels daily too as they're lizard like
- Use hand cream
- Go to bed early, by 10.30pm if pos
- Eat healthily
- Be happy

The idea is that at the end of six weeks we all feel happier, healthier and glow with the good food, sleep, exercise, water and lack of sun damage.

You don't have to report back every day but I almost certainly will as it motivates me thinking someone is watching me.

Welcome all members old and new.

winnie Sun 18-Feb-07 20:26:54

thank goodness for a new thread. I am glad to put last week behind me.

CAMy Sun 18-Feb-07 20:37:53

Helloooo, am on course for a new start tomorrow

<Cam gulps down red wine quickly>

Monkeytrousers Sun 18-Feb-07 22:28:18

Hello - a new start for me as a single woman. Will be svelt like and ready for action in 6 weeks!

batters Mon 19-Feb-07 08:46:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Marina Mon 19-Feb-07 08:49:44

Am joining up as it is soon LENT and I took delivery of a scary "I'll tell you precisely how fat you are" exercise bike on Saturday afternoon.
Have so far booked out walking, sanded down heels and hand and body creamed.
I got a bus too batters, partly because I was running late after all that personal adornment!

Marina Mon 19-Feb-07 08:50:30

Am I allowed coffee she says piteously...

WideWebWitch Mon 19-Feb-07 09:06:46

Yes, you're allowed coffee.
I had a bacon sandwich for breakfast. It needed using up that bacon
And I'm not dressed yet but will go for a (slow) walk with dd once I am.

batters Mon 19-Feb-07 09:13:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

yoyo Mon 19-Feb-07 09:28:12

Am I glad to see this back ("lite" version not good!!).

Day has started off reasonably although didn't walk children to school as we were running late owing to an awful night's sleep. Will walk the other two school runs later. Have also loked at a running website where they give you a programme to get into running (Walk 90 s, run 60 s sort of thing). Think I will do this in the gym and see how I get on.

Am on a mission to be more positive. I have come to realise in the last few weeks just what little self-confidence I have. So I am planning on doing a computer course and possibly A-level French. Looks more scary when it is written down.

Anyway.. will return to healthy food, always drink loads of water, booze will be very restricted and lotions and potions will be duly applied.

Now for some housework.

Caribbeanqueen Mon 19-Feb-07 09:37:31

OK, I'm in. Meant to do the last one but wasn't in the right frame of mind. Not sure I am now, but have been doing some exercise recently so will give it a go.

CAMy Mon 19-Feb-07 12:05:51

Hi Marina, caffeine a necessity in my house!

For breakfast I have had some organic natural yogurt with a teaspoon of honey.

After the school run I went to the supermarket and bought tons of veg, salad and organic meat.

Will do some exercise later and drink my 2L of water and will not drink alcohol until Friday.......except for one tiny glass of white wine when I go out to lunch with Dannie on Thursday.

Wishing everyone a good week

batters Mon 19-Feb-07 14:03:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Marina Mon 19-Feb-07 14:21:21

One large cup of tea, several glasses of water, a banana, some mango and some cottage cheese later, plus a brisk walk and I feel good

tortoiseSHELL Mon 19-Feb-07 17:00:20

Oh, can I join in please, will have to start tomorrow though .

Definitely need to be able to fit in more walking etc. I keep promising myself an early morning swim, but somehow when the alarm goes off, it seems that staying in bed would be preferable!

WideWebWitch Mon 19-Feb-07 17:39:47

We had baked sweet potatoes for lunch. But no walking other than a very slow stroll with several children.

Tomorrow I will do this properly.Welcome all new people.

WideWebWitch Mon 19-Feb-07 21:50:32

I'm not fit but will be good tomorrow:


prawn toast
crispy duck and pancakes
Singapore noodles
chicken satay
spare ribs
lemon chicken
wonton (there's a joke there somewhere)
spring roll
and wine

god it was lovely.

tortoiseSHELL Mon 19-Feb-07 23:04:34

am going to have to start this in lent I think (well it's only Wednesday) - will be good from then on...

tortoiseSHELL Mon 19-Feb-07 23:04:45

www, that sounds amazing!

swedishmum Mon 19-Feb-07 23:04:53

Just got back from a week away - too much alcohol, but food intake v healthy, plus water, sunblock and lots of swimming/walking. Felt less blobby than usual on holiday thanks to the last 6 weeks so I'm really looking forward to starting again tomorrow.I'm winding down tonight after fil's politically incorrect comments all holiday. Toe curling stuff.

batters Tue 20-Feb-07 07:48:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Marina Tue 20-Feb-07 09:32:02

Had a 5k ride on my new exercise bike last night and a brisk 20 min walk to work this morning. No gardening for me today, but have water and handcream to hand as I get cracking on energetically compiling a New Aquisitions Report
Go on swedishmum you know you want to - laughter burns calories and releases endorphins, you'd be doing us all a healthy favour

swedishmum Tue 20-Feb-07 10:07:00

- Lots of British people wouldn't even come in here (Japanese restaurant) - it was terrible what they did to us in the war.

- I don't know why you want to work. Your job's staying at home caring for the children and it's dh's job to provide for you.

- Politicians spend £2000 a night of taxpayers' money on hotels. They should stay in a Travelodge.

- Polish lorry drivers are terrible - they haven't passed tests and their lorries aren't roadworthy and they can't reverse.

- The only Prime Minister I have any respect for is Margaret Thatcher - she didn't get us involved in wars like Tony Blair.

At one point we had to restrain him to stop him handing a written joke about sex maniacs always picking no. 3 to the very nice waitress. Dh pointed out it would be a sackable offence in most companies.

He gets all his facts from the Daily Mail. We did point out that there were more reliable sources...

Hence the increased alcohol intake on my part.

Marina Tue 20-Feb-07 10:26:02

Duh - the Falklands?

He sounds a corker swedishmum! How long have you been drying out for now?

swedishmum Tue 20-Feb-07 10:36:03

I drove us back from the airport (dh went straight off to work on another plane ) and got home about 8 last night. Had a couple of drinks once I was all alone. Kids back at school today so I'm starting to be healthy again. Aerobic laundry for me this morning.

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