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Another look at my party dresses!

(18 Posts)
MozzchopsThirty Fri 16-Dec-16 21:05:49

Dress 1

MozzchopsThirty Fri 16-Dec-16 21:06:36

Or dress 2

Nanasueathome Fri 16-Dec-16 21:07:36

Dress 1

Sleeplessinmybedroom Fri 16-Dec-16 21:07:38

Dress 1.

MovingOnUpMovingOnOut Fri 16-Dec-16 21:07:47


RJnomore1 Fri 16-Dec-16 21:07:50

You look fab in both but for me, 1 has that extra wow factor.

ChishandFips33 Fri 16-Dec-16 21:08:05


Paulat2112 Fri 16-Dec-16 21:08:26

Dress 1

Randytortoise Fri 16-Dec-16 21:08:45

Dress 2. Both are lovely but I prefer 2 I think it suits your shape a little better.

Haggisfish Fri 16-Dec-16 21:09:24


MozzchopsThirty Fri 16-Dec-16 21:11:44

Fantastic thanks much better response than the horrors I posted at the weekend grin

Ds2 also prefers no 1

It's only for my works xmas party
Needed something relatively cheap

user1475406595 Fri 16-Dec-16 21:12:14


Knittedfrog Fri 16-Dec-16 21:13:48

Dress 1

NotTodaySatan Fri 16-Dec-16 21:14:30

Dress 1!

worldsworstchildren Fri 16-Dec-16 21:39:09

Yes I prefer 1 too

IDoAllMyOwnStunts Fri 16-Dec-16 21:46:30


MozzchopsThirty Fri 16-Dec-16 21:55:29

That's a pretty big majority

No.1 it is

Thank you smile

WipsGlitter Fri 16-Dec-16 21:55:31

1 it's lovely!

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