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Weird question... any guitarists with fake nails here?

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StillMedusa Thu 15-Dec-16 23:28:47

I am learning the guitar (my second bucket list challenge to myself grin )
I bite my nails. Fine for my left hand which needs to be mega short for fretting, but I could really use some nails on my right hand for picking the strings.

Would fakes on my right hand be tough enough? Are they are resilient as real nails? (Mine, on the rare occasions I have managed to stop biting them are frail and flake and split)

If so, what sort?

Yes I know it would be weird to have fakes on one hand only...I'm talking plain just long enough to pick the stings length, not long and painted, but I NEED some!

Cakescakescakes Fri 16-Dec-16 00:31:07

I have really short nails on both hands and picking has never been a problem? Just use my finger tips and if I want a harder sound I use a pick.

YoScienceBitch Fri 16-Dec-16 00:32:03

Picking is easier without nails

mamakoukla Fri 16-Dec-16 02:48:29

I think for some fretting techniques the edge of the nail and how it contacts makes a huge difference. I have known guitarists who have used fake nails but don't know specific brands etc. I have found that my right hand nails have strengthened over time - it takes a few weeks to grow out to reasonable length. Moisturize well and avoid soaking nails for too long

mamakoukla Fri 16-Dec-16 02:51:55

Oh! And have fun! Starting off with fingertips while you work on the nails could be an option

RenardeRenarde Sat 17-Dec-16 18:42:24

What kind of guitar and style are you learning? You don't really NEED nails for picking, I trim my nails down and couldn't imagine trying to finger pick with falsies! I think the typical finger enhancement of choice is acrylics though smile Kept short and well applied they will be more than strong enough.

I primarily play bass so use the pads of my fingers almost exclusively no matter what I pick up; if you're purely playing acoustic you could consider buying fingerpicks (I hate them, but you may love them) - or just play with an actual pick.

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