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I need help - How to straighten my hair so it looks lovely and not bushy?

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Fidelia Thu 15-Dec-16 14:18:58

I have thick, fairly curly/bushy hair. My hairdresser straightens it and it looks amazing. When I try, it's never as flat (as in, less bulky, as well a straight).

Has anyone got any tips etc? Do I need certain straightners/brushes etc? Help please blush

Fruitcocktail6 Thu 15-Dec-16 14:20:20

What straighteners do you have?

MaisieDotes Thu 15-Dec-16 14:21:37

Have you got a proper hairdryer (Parlux or similar)?

HaPPy8 Thu 15-Dec-16 14:22:18

You need to section it off and do very small sections with the straighterners at a time. It helps if it is blow dried straight first I think as that seems to get to the roots better.

Fidelia Thu 15-Dec-16 14:22:51

I'll just go and check what I'm using

SecretPeanut Thu 15-Dec-16 14:22:54

In my experience with thick hair, start with a good haircut / style. I'm not a stylist but i found long layers takes out the bulkyness.

With regards to styling, try and give your hair a blow dry, proper blow dry with a brush not just a shaggy dry off, at least once a week. This helps keep the cuticles nice and flat.

When straightening start underneath first and take small sections, comb through with a fine comb before straightening.

Oh a good quality shampoo and conditioner

TheHiphopopotamus Thu 15-Dec-16 14:23:51

You need a pair of really good straighteners like ghd's or something.

They work absolute wonders.

Fidelia Thu 15-Dec-16 14:25:13

I've got an ETI 3600 hairdryer and Remington S-3500 straighteners

Fidelia Thu 15-Dec-16 14:26:55

And hair product wise I'm using Joico shampoo/conditioner/heat spray

MaisieDotes Thu 15-Dec-16 14:31:09

Well your hairdryer should be able to do most of the job anyway.

I use a vented ceramic brush and do small sections at a time. If you wait until your hair is mostly dry it's so much quicker- or if pressed for time dry roughly upside down with the hairdryer first and when nearly dry (and insane-looking if you're anything like me) start to straighten.

badvocaattasteflump Thu 15-Dec-16 14:33:25

Remington straighteners are fine - you don't need to buy expensive ones.

You just need to make sure you're only straightening very small sections of hair (as in not thick but as wide as your straightening irons allow). Also spray each section with a heat protection spray first - which doesn't just protect it but also helps to 'set' the hair.

Fidelia Thu 15-Dec-16 14:34:29

How do you use the brush when blowdrying? I have an ionic ceramic large round brush and a flat (not ceramic) paddle brush. I think my techniue isn't right!

I haven't been roughly blowdrying first though. I've been trying to dry it straight in sections from wet...

MaisieDotes Thu 15-Dec-16 14:38:51

I'll see if I can find a picture of the kind of brush I have. I get them in Penney's (Primark) for €1.50 a pop and they last about 6 months.

MaisieDotes Thu 15-Dec-16 14:46:38

Kind of like this one. I don't use round brushes any more as I find them too much faff. I'd say you will notice a massive improvement when you try doing it to roughly dried or naturally nearly dried hair.

MardyGrave Thu 15-Dec-16 14:48:32

I think the Main Thing is sectioning, starting from the bottom hair and taking small sections at a time and going over each section twice. Do you use a serum for smoothing the finished look?

Fidelia Thu 15-Dec-16 14:50:01

I'm trying to stay away from non-soluble silicon, so I don't use serum (neither does my hairdresser)

Fidelia Thu 15-Dec-16 14:53:01

Are those straightening hot brushes any good?

MardyGrave Thu 15-Dec-16 15:01:30

When you straighten, where do you begin from? Are you starting from the root or mid length? I think if you have a natural wave or curl you I need to start from as near to the root as you can if you want it to look sleek and flat. Not great to do to your hair regularly.

chiquita1 Thu 15-Dec-16 15:04:43

I have curly and frizzy hair which I blow dry and ends up looking like in the pic. (ignore the flyaways, it was windy). I use a ceramic round brush and kerastase nutritive shampoo and the masquintense. If I change the shampoo and mask it looks more bushy. I also sometimes use the Joico reconstructor.

Fidelia Thu 15-Dec-16 15:10:09

Chiquita your hair looks lovely

Mardygrave, what I'm doing at the moment is:

Blow dry my hair from wet in sections using the flat brush to try and straighten it as much as possible. Use the straighteners in sections.

I think I may be doing too big/thick sections (there is SO much hair that I get frustrated)

Fruitcocktail6 Thu 15-Dec-16 15:33:59

Well I would recommend GHDs. They're more expensive but are fantastic and I've had mine around 7 years and still going strong

MollyRedskirts Thu 15-Dec-16 15:42:56

I'm afraid I disagree with most of the advice above, apart from the advice to section well. I think you're either good at blowdrying your hair straight (or your hair is the type that responds well to blowdrying even if you're not great at it), or it's never going to work to get your hair flat. I'm the latter kind and I need straighteners, and if that's you, then trying different brushes won't make a noticeable difference.

I used to swear by GHDs. Now I swear by the L'Oreal Steam Pod. My GHDs would get my hair straight and flat if I was careful with sectioning, took my time and did each section a few times, but the slightest hint of moisture would fluff my hair out again so that it was still straight, but not flat.

The Steam Pod is honestly amazing. My hair goes so straight, flat and shiny, and it LASTS.

Fidelia Thu 15-Dec-16 15:51:02

Molly I've got highlights and I've read that the steampod isn't good with bleached hair?

MollyRedskirts Thu 15-Dec-16 15:59:26

So have I. I haven't noticed any issues, but I don't have a lot of highlights. I do have an all over colour too.

That's my natural hair, and after the first time I used the Steam Pod.

PNGirl Thu 15-Dec-16 15:59:32

You need straighteners that are at least £80 and that you can't buy in Boots or Argos. GHD, Cloud 9, or similar. I tried loads of cheap ones over the years and they are not hot or smoothing enough.

If you have really hot (230 degree) straighteners you don't need to blow dry straight.

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