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Reassurance needed, please?

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Idefix Sun 11-Dec-16 20:30:56

So I have an interview as a hcp (not doctor or high level) next week and beginning to panic about what I have bought for my interview.

I have read lots of threads that seem to suggest that a dress and cardigan is not smart this always so? <desparately hoping not!>
I will be wearing very smart shoes etc.

I am very short, and after extensive searches I could not find a suit that would fit. Where I live there is no such thing as petite sections (alterations to cuffs and hems is offered but does not help when the body of blazers and shoulder positioning...rambling blush

Thoughts anyone?

everythingsgoingsouth Sun 11-Dec-16 20:36:51

Whats the position? I'm a senior nurse and had interviewees from HCA to staff nurse level wearing dress/cardigan outfits- no judgement, as long as they were clean, ironed, not too much flesh on show etc. Good luck to you!

Idefix Sun 11-Dec-16 20:49:25

Thank you everything the job is a Band 5/6, non-hospital position but will be wearing a uniform. I do feel slightly silly worrying about this, but really want the job so probably overthinking this a bit.

The dress is very demure, plain to the knee with a fairly high round neck. The cardigan is quite structure, same colour as dress, planning to wear a small tonal? scarf to inject a small bit of relief.

Idefix Sun 11-Dec-16 20:50:23

Thank you for the good luck wink

nooddsocksforme Sun 11-Dec-16 21:06:14

have done interviews for folk at your level. as long as you are not scruffy people will be much more interested in what yo say than what you wear

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 11-Dec-16 21:12:03

Uniform wearing HCP here ( 'tis nice not to have to worry too much about what I wear, as long as its clean and correct uniform, )

Clean nails, not too much jewellery (infection control)
Maybe take a wipey freshen up in case your hands get clammy .
You might be ok with nail polish depending on what your doing, but most hands on jobs are not.

And yes, they're interviwing you not your wardrobe but you need to be comfortable in what you wear, so nothing that you'll fidgit in. Like pesky labels that dig in .

Good Luck smile

Idefix Sun 11-Dec-16 21:25:08

Oh thank you lovely mumsnetters! Just letting out a sigh.
I have spent the last couple of weekends going over my portfolio and doing background reading, getting excited about the prospect of working somewhere new smile.

Just panicked when I read threads about needing to be 'suited and booted', dh has kindly pointed out that I am not applying for a ceo role and that I look very smart in my chosen outfit.

Idefix Sat 17-Dec-16 22:49:54

Just to update, I got the job grin

melodycool Sat 17-Dec-16 23:29:06


Dulcimena Sun 18-Dec-16 00:10:10

Congrats, OP! flowers

burnishedsilver Sun 18-Dec-16 00:13:51

👍 Well done!

SpongeBobJudgeyPants Sun 18-Dec-16 00:17:31

Well done! (And for future ref, what DID you wear in the end?!) ;)

Idefix Sun 18-Dec-16 08:12:14

SpongeBob I wore the outfit I describe above, looked very grown-up and expensive totally not me wink

The silk scarf and carvella shoes helped immensely to lighten the outfit and make me feel less drab. Interestingly one of my interviewers was wearing the same combo in a different colour way.

Idefix Sun 18-Dec-16 08:14:02

Ooohhh!! No manners, thank you for the good wishes you lovely people. Still hasn't sunk in yet, now getting anxious about leaving old job...

SpongeBobJudgeyPants Sun 18-Dec-16 13:01:53

Twill be fine fsmile

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