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MNV Volume 75......the Christmas edition

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Drywhitethanks Thu 08-Dec-16 21:24:47

It's time to get out your sparkle. Over here for festive fashion cheer, friendship and anything frivolous. fsmile

Drywhitethanks Thu 08-Dec-16 21:32:20

Everyone I've bought DH some nubuck boots and he wants a beekeeping course and bee hive fhmm odd man

shopafrolic Thu 08-Dec-16 21:33:49

Marks place - thanks for setting up the Christmas edition Dry
I bought my DH a sound bar and speaker for his shiny pride and joy flat screen TV.

BlairWaldorfLovesShopping Thu 08-Dec-16 21:35:57

Thanks for the new thread, birthday girl! fsmile Glad you've had a fab day cake

jennywasafriendofmrbrightside Thu 08-Dec-16 21:36:52

Sounds like fun - can I join??

Completely frivolous but I bought 2 candles and a pair of cashmere bed socks from the white company this week - I'm eking out my birthday money grin Praying I don't forget and pop them in the wash confused

Drywhitethanks Thu 08-Dec-16 21:47:12

Welcome Jenny, when was your birthday?

libertydoddle Thu 08-Dec-16 21:50:41

Welcome Jenny, I bought some cashmere bed socks in White Company this week too as a gift but they feel so nice I might have to go back and treat myself.

Happy Birthday Dry cake wine cake wine. Thanks for setting up the new thread.

jennywasafriendofmrbrightside Thu 08-Dec-16 21:57:51

Hi everyone! It was September! I tend to be given money from family for birthdays thinking I'll treat myself to new clothes but never get round to it. I'm hoping for some fancy bubble bath for Christmas and have romantic ideas of long candlelit baths (if I can keep DD out of the bathroom) grin My Christmas list also includes a Laura mercier eyeliner in the hope that it makes me look less sleep deprived!

HappyGirlNow Thu 08-Dec-16 21:59:58

Happy Birthday Dry flowers

shopafrolic Thu 08-Dec-16 22:03:41

Welcome Jenny I love the white Company cashmere socks. I suffer terribly with cold feet and they are fab but yes do take care washing - I did shrink one pair unfortunately.

shopafrolic Thu 08-Dec-16 22:05:31

Just painted my nails in a dark berry with a silver glitter over the top for cocktails tomorrow night. Am excited now I have a dress - I miss the corporate nights out at Christmas - DH is at his Christmas do tonight albeit in a highly flammable Christmas jumper. fgrin
Will try and sort tights tomorrow - thanks for all the tips ladies.

OneNightTimeMenaceStrikesBack Thu 08-Dec-16 22:06:36

happy birthday dry thanks and thank you for setting up the new thread. I hope you enjoy your weekend in London

I need some new jewellery for my daith piercings but i'm not sure what to get for them. there's lots of pretty options but i'm not loving anything i've seen so far so might wait until something really grabs at me

I cried the first time Ds would take part in a christmas concert. he'd refused for a few years before that so the first time was a really big deal <sniffs>

Blingygolightly Thu 08-Dec-16 22:15:41

Well done birthday girl Dry!

Hello Jenny! I am very precious about cashmere grin

i am lying in bed listening to, yup, Christmas music and burning feu du bois Diptyque candle. Gorgeous smell. yesterday it was Ambre and dh commented on how lovely and christmassy our room smelt.

I am a few days behind in using my Diptyque stuff but the last 3 days I have had Pomander and Vanille candles (former is one of my favourites) and Trente Quatre perfume which is new to me and utterly gorgeous. It's a very sexy and sensual smell so have dabbed some on before I put my chemise on (not the new one!).

Shop did you go for 40 dernier?

jennywasafriendofmrbrightside Thu 08-Dec-16 22:24:45

Is that a Diptyque advent calendar???? Looks wonderful.

MarshaBrady Thu 08-Dec-16 22:26:25

Excellent, thanks for new thread set up Dry

Welcome Jenny!

MarshaBrady Thu 08-Dec-16 22:31:25

I had my first Christmas drinks at a hired out part of The Ivy last night (hadn't been there before, but hear a lot about it).

I slightly alarmed dh by saying I had no idea where I was when trying to get home, and then nearly running out of battery just as I ordered the Uber. I did manage to ring the magician that I need for Saturday whilst very tipsy confused. Bizarre no idea what I was thinking!

Blingygolightly Thu 08-Dec-16 22:37:29

omg Marsha that's too funny and scary grin

Jenny yes it's a Diptyque advent calendar. Total over the top luxury but fortuitous as it turned out as I have been sick for 3 weeks and it's been my little bit of cheer each day!smile

Stokey Thu 08-Dec-16 22:42:20

Love tipsy Marsha grin

Thanks for shiny thread birthday girl fwink wine cake [fizz]

Welcome Jenny cashmere socks sound very lush.

Diptyque calendar is making me want some Christmas smells. I have a 4160 Tuesdays perfume called A Kiss by The Fireside which smells very like Christmas but don't know if I actually like it as a perfume.

Stokey Thu 08-Dec-16 22:43:22

DH is also at office party in synthetic Christmas jumper Shop. Hope they make it home without encountering naked flames

LinusLovesBretons Thu 08-Dec-16 23:59:25

Shameless placemarking whilst sipping a White Lady. (Die Hard MNVoguettes will remember it's my favourite cocktail.

blingy I have been burning Dyptique Baies and Eucalyptus this week (not at the same time) but Pomander is an old favourite.

But my most recent candle loves are Cire Trudon Manon (like fresh laundry) and Ernesto (smells like what I imagine Antonio Banderas smells like. Manly but clean)

Their Abd El Kader candle is next on my list as it smell of Morrocan mint tea. Last year I visited the Cire Trudon shop in Paris and it was hard to walk away with just a couple of very expensive candles.

libertydoddle Fri 09-Dec-16 00:15:51

Ohhh I like the sound of Ernesto Linus grin

I was in bed at 10.30pm then had one of those sitting up in the bed in horror moments when I realised I have forgotten to pay my VAT bill on time. Scribbled a note to do it in the morning but couldn't sleep then with anxiety so had to log on and sort it out.

LinusLovesBretons Fri 09-Dec-16 01:50:35

I am like that as well lib, I wake up suddenly in a panic about something I forgot to do and then I am so worked up I can't go back to sleep.

I hope you still manage to sleep a bit tonight.

Blingygolightly Fri 09-Dec-16 07:47:10

Lib poor you! I didn't sleep well last night.

Linus love the sound of those candles. You never fail me so I shall try them out. Funny I have family living in similar climate and I have never bought them candles because in my mind I see it as my autumn winter treat!confused

queencerulean Fri 09-Dec-16 08:00:49

Ooh, I love new threads.
dry looked like you had a great day. Hope you got my text.
Welcome jenny

Feeling rough this morning. Feel like i could sleep for a 100 years. So much to do that I can't even go back to bed after school run.

I've bought dh a new coffee machine. I also bought him a leather hold-all for our anniversary last week. Other than that he's got the usual socks and Ferrero rocher.

Blingygolightly Fri 09-Dec-16 08:18:36

Poor you

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